Bullying at Siegel Homecoming cannot go unchecked

Sep 28, 2021 at 10:45 am by Cynthialynn Jones

Siegel High School

First reported by John Iaccheri with Murfreesboro.com, something was a miss at the Siegel High School Homecoming Game. After picking up his daughter at the high school football game, she shared with her father that she was really concerned about behavior pertaining to fellow students in the stands. Iaccheri questioned her about the events, and she produced her cell phone and her father watched in shock, then those feelings turned to anger.

In another video, Iaccheri said he watched the video taken by his daughter at the game, students were yelling racist and anti-gay comments, and bullying a child in the stands forcing him to leave the football game. Additionally, these students were screaming foul language at our sitting elected president, Joe Biden.

Regardless of political opinions, students acting in such a disrespectful nature is concerning. Iaccheri who refused to show the video out of respect for minors did state he would hand the video over to the school.

These are minors, but these kids are old enough to know better. If you are old enough to not have parental supervision at an evening event, then you ought to know better. Not many children have opinions of such without those opinions falling from their family tree.

Racist and homosexual comments, bullying, and hazing have zero place in our schools. Sounds like there are a few who need to be reeducated as to personal responsibility before these patterns turn permanent.

If Rutherford County places the safety of our children first, then this behavior cannot go unchecked.

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The #slateofhate brought on by the TNGOP, including our local elected leaders, has essentially given those kids permission to act the way they did. They didnt come up with those actions on their own. When state law attacks and harms the LGBTQ community, when local megachurches attack and harm the LGBTQ community, it is normalized.
Joe ASSterisk deserves every chant he has earned. And which mega church has "harmed " the LSMFT community? Name the state law that did the same.
Bullying and hate speech! Who would have thought that homophobia and racism would be found in Murfreesboro?
Wow. Just read Viking's post and wonder no more why our young people might act as they do.
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