Explore During Small Business Week

Sep 13, 2021 at 12:00 pm by Cynthialynn Jones

What does small business really mean?

More often than not, being in business for yourself means if you are not working, you are not making money. So, one does not have paid vacation, PTO, or sick time. It means an owner works more than an eight-hour day, works all holidays, and has the pleasure of working for themselves, but also all the responsibility. If the small business owner can hire staff, they are now responsible for others, and this in itself can be overwhelming with schedules, benefits, special needs, and training.

In the heart of Rutherford County, we have The City of Murfreesboro and an incredible group of small business that really do define the county we love. These business like Trendy Pieces on the Square have been a staple in our community for fun fashion and a breathtaking greeting for years. Walk into Trendy Pieces and you are instantly family, it certainly is not the big box store experience.

Similarly, go to The Alley on Main for lunch, dinner, or both. The food is from a scratch-made kitchen, recipes from grandma’s generations ago. The delicious home feel is incredible, and the owners, Shawn and Christy Hackinson are the absolute people.

Explore antique shops, indulge in a pedicure, swing by E. Allen’s for a touch of class. Need furniture, there are so many small businesses that sell furniture, and truly have the best prices.

Go by the Grumpy Book Seller and buy an excellent read, then walk up the street to the Brass horn Coffee Rosters for a cup of joe and a special treat, then further walk up Lytle and make a right on main, enjoy lunch at Marina’s on the Square.

Sit down on a park bench and let your lunch settle and dive into your book. After resting, walk around the square and explore. After exploring again, need more food. 

We are so blessed with a small business community that support one another. The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and Locally Owned Murfreesboro understand the needs of Small Business and continue to strive to support all business in Rutherford County, but especially "The Small Business Owner."

So, during small business week, try a new restaurant you have never tried that is only local, not a chain. Slip into a fresh new spa experience and see what a local esthetician can do for you.

Listen to a new band at Coconut Bay Café, enjoy a craft beer at Mayday Brewery, educate yourself at The Discovery Center, indulge in a local massage and feel your body melt away. And speaking of melting ... homemade ice cream on the Square. I am not going to mention the name of the business, so you have to check out all the businesses to find it ... but it is next to Puckett’s Grocery ... and starts with an H.

Check out a new place every day of the week, then revisit your favorites. Exploring is so enjoyable.


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