Cynthia’s Favorite Things: The September Issue

Sep 03, 2021 at 07:00 am by Cynthialynn Jones

Cynthia’s Favorite Things – The September Issue

Local, Local, and Local. The September Issue 100% local finds in Rutherford County. 

Trendy Pieces, Bella’s Boutique, and the Marketplace - Three independently curated boutiques on the Square in downtown Murfreesboro.

Trendy Pieces and Bella’s Boutique are two stores filled with contemporary clothing styles for women of all ages and shapes with beautiful accessories, leather bags and shoes. The boutiques offer Kendra Scott, Bedstu, Hobo, Sorel, Sorrelli, Melania Clajust and so much more.

Ask for Meredith and have her "style you." You will be decked out in the latest hot fashions and sure to be breathtaking. It is important to be "styled." Even fashionistas get in a rut for color, styles, shapes, and need change. We all need another set of eyes to make sure we are the most fabulous we can be, and not buying outfits that we won’t wear. Meredith will make certain you leave comfortable and excited about your purchases.

The Marketplace is known for a refined rustic motif and has many one-of-a-kind pieces, great gift items, home decor and garden items. All three stores are located on the Murfreesboro Square and are interconnected for a fabulous shopping experience.

Lip Service – My favorite lip smackers this month are both local finds.

The first is the enchanting Anastasia of Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Orchid, available for $18 at the website or $5.99 at the Murfreesboro Ross Store on Thompson Lane. It may be too pink for some entering September, but I fell in the love with the color and the feel of this luxury brand.

Then I came upon Lipstick Queen in Frog Prince and yes, it is as green as the name implies, but it shade-shifted to a light pink poppy gloss with staying power. Available at Ulta for $24 or a special find at Ross for $3.99.

Colorscience Unforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Glow Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 – This ultra-hydrating tinted sunscreen gives my complexion a boost of luminosity, extreme hydrating, and is an antioxidant-rich mineral protector. Colorscience is available at Goco Center for Aesthetics 1370 Gateway Blvd., Ste 240, in Murfreesboro. Or call 615-848-9223.

Colorscience All Calm Corrective Kit for Redness – This kit provides a customized skincare regimen designed specifically to address conditions commonly associated with redness and sensitivity. I find this kit particularly helpful with addressing my reddish/ruddy skin issues, dry cheeks, and climate change from travel, and the changing of the seasons. This kit is also available at Goco Center for Aesthetics along with the Colorscience entire product line.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer – I recently read that a tube sells every 5 seconds although the product has been out for more than 10 years. I have not used many Maybelline products, so I had to try. Yes, there is a good reason it sells every 5 seconds, this is a gentle awesome product. I used under my eyes and across my red cheeks and the change in skin tone was magnificent. Well worth the $7.99 price at your local Walgreens.

Fresh Eggs – did you know that the eggs you buy in the grocery store on average are minimally 30 days old? Check out the Rutherford County Farmers Market on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Lane Agri-park on John Rice Boulevard in Murfreesboro for fresh eggs. Poach two eggs in the morning for breakfast. Fresh eggs taste like they are cooked in butter, they are rich and delicious, and come in many colors for visual pleasure as well.

Elements Massage – A massage seems like an indulgence. However, when our bodies are holding stress and tension in our muscles, it causes many different kinds of discomfort and pain. I reached out to the therapists of Elements Massage in Murfreesboro at 533 North Thompson Lane for pain relief and have received so must more. While I have my favorites (Abrahim, Alex, and Brooke), all the therapists at Element Massage will assist you with your needs. A massage ranges from $40 - $100 depending on time, and well worth the therapy. To book an appointment, call 615-410-7700. Go in feeling like a box of hard pasta and come out feeling like a warm buttery noodle.

Prohibition Home Brewing and Cigar Bar – the newest venture coming to Murfreesboro from Jim Africano and Aaron Stephenson, located at 906 Ridgley Rd., Suite A (behind Chewys). Open on Saturdays from 10 2 p.m. for now, with more dates to come. If you love wine and would like to dip into the pool of making your own, this is the place to shop for home brewing needs. From kits to bottles, labels corking supplies, and more, Prohibition Home Brewing is stocked with the necessities to finely tune your home concoctions. 

Additionally, if you enjoy the finest in cigars, this is the place for you. What’s in your humidor? Pick out a few of your favorites, or try a new hand-rolled brand, sit out on the patio and take in the sunshine. My husband is sensing a few new gifts coming his way.

Gold’s Gym - offering family fitness that is fun for the entire family. With three gyms in Rutherford County, and several more within the State, Gold’s has something for every family and every budget. Free day care (Kid’s Club) while adults work out, clean equipment, and exhilarating classes to get the heart pumping like Hot Power, Yoga, Hot 26, Grit, RPM, Tone, U-Jam Fitness, Bootcamp, Slow Flow, The Trip, Body Combat, Bodypump, Mixxed Fit, Hip Hop Jam, Tai Chi, HOT Yoga, Zumba, Les Mills classes, and so much more.

The amenities are too many to list, a few are free WIFI, clean locker rooms, tanning, kids club, personal training, smoothie bar, free weights, cardio, classes, cycling, and circuit training. If you love to pump iron, there is a place for you. If you are like me, past middle aged and in desperate need of a lifestyle change there is a place for you. All are welcomed with a smile, and all are encouraged at any level of comfort. 

Mayday Brewery - Cool beer on a hot summer day? Hugs from owner Ozzy Nelson any day of the week? Anyone want to meet at Mayday Brewery for an Angry Redhead with a Boro Blonde after work? If you have not visited Mayday Brewery, you are missing one of the most delightful treats available to you in Murfreesboro.

Located at 521 Old Salem Road, the brewery offers free tours, gaming nights, bingo, trivia, an incredible line up of live entertainment, food trucks, and the best craft beer one can imagine. They also have yoga (with beer), and sometimes there are goats. Ownership promotes philanthropy and hosts auctions, dinners, and art fairs for a variety of organizations. In addition, there have been weddings, birthdays (my own 50th) and many parties at Mayday in the brewery and tasting rooms.

This venue is large, eclectic, and groovy. Well worth a weekly visit, a tour, and have your personal growler filled before you leave. This is a must stop for visitors, and a great date night for regulars. Mayday and Ozzy are certainly two of my favorite things. The website with calendar and entertainment lineup is or call 615-603-7699. Closed on Monday and Tuesday. You can also find Mayday on Tap all around Middle Tennessee and their artfully decorated craft beer in all your local stores. You will not want to recycle the cans, they are truly works of art.

The Alley on Main – Where do I want to celebrate my anniversary? The Alley on Main.

Where do I celebrate delicious food and outstanding service? The Alley on Main.

Where do I hug and kiss the owners on arrival? The Alley on Main.

Yes, The Alley on Main in my go to favorite place to eat in Middle Tennessee. Even when family visits from out of town, they want The Alley on Main.

From delicious appetizers to handmade desserts, the menu for The Alley has something for everyone, focusing on fresh steaks, seafood, and pasta. Every item on the menu is scratch-made each day, changes with specials regularly, and never disappoints. The seafood is flown in fresh weekly, and they never compromise on quality.

If you need space for a semiprivate meeting, they have space for 30 or more. Want on-site catering? They can assist you with all your needs. Desire a food truck? They have three. Want the absolute best meal for your wedding guests? Call the Alley on Main. Enjoy live music? Check out their online calendar of events.

If you want "easy" for you next event, you want The Alley on Main. With owners Shawn and Christy Hackinson and their impeccable staff catering your event, it will not only be perfect, but delicious. Call The Alley on Main today to make your next event flawless 615-203-3498. Oh, and while waiting for you meal to arrive, try a cocktail called the Dirty Neighbor. OMGoodness so delicious, have two. OK, three is more like it.

Honey from Maple Bend Bee Supply - Fresh honey from local Maple Farms in Lascasses, ( is my go to for local honey because they have happy bees. Pricing may vary, but on average $12 for 16 ounces of fresh local honey. Local honey is good for us, has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, soothes a sore throat if you have a cold, boosts immunity, and protects against infections, and it tastes so good. 

Boro Bowls – Located on the Murfreesboro Square, Boro Bowls is yummiest healthy restaurant to hit the Murfreesboro Square in years. Offering fresh fruit bowls, smoothies, and coffee all for under $10, this fabulous eatery is not only affordable, but makes you feel healthier just walking in the door.

Trivia with Willie Cannon at Coconut Bay Café – Every Tuesday at 7 p.m.we get down in teams of five for a fun filled Trivia Night with Coconut Bay Café Manager Willy Cannon. Willy has been bringing the excitement to Coconut Bay for some time, always bringing the fun to the festivity. Trivia Night can be competitive, you never know who may show, but it is always fun. With two for one beverages, menu specials, and prizes galore, Trivia Night is a blast and everyone seems to win something. There are drawings for swag, gift cards, coupons for free food, and so much more. Come on down to the Bay for great food and entertainment. Oh, and did I mention they have bands on Friday nights. There is always something going on at Coconut Bay Cafe. Located 210 Stones River Mall Blvd. Murfreesboro, open seven days a week. And they serve Mayday Beer on tap.

My Husband – Clint Ervin – For 15 years my world has been blessed by Honey, my best friend. He is a beautiful, Godly man who daily serves his country and takes care of all the crazy that can be me. He has welcomed the new businesses, my early retirement, my writing, photography, animal rescue, pie making, cookie baking, chili tasting, all the chickens, dogs, and turtles. He knows that "yes" I always need another pair of blue shoes, a new handbag is a necessity, and the simplicity of daisies make me smile. He loves me every day regardless what and who I haul home, and I am truly the most blessed by God for the gift He gave me 15 years ago. I love you Honey, and I thank you for never wanting to change me. We are truly great together. Honey is truly my favorite thing (person).

No, he is not available at local shops, but I have been known to loan him out for certain events. Call for an appointment.

I hope you have enjoyed Cynthia’s Favorite Things – The September Issue. If you would like to be a part of Cynthia’s Favorite Things the October Issue, please contact me at

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