Poetry: To August Place

Aug 10, 2021 at 11:00 am by Paulette Jackson

 As the summer begins to wind down, I was thankful for the opportunity today to be outside and enjoy the beauty of this time of year. It seems like the colors of August's life in nature is imbued with a richer intensity, perhaps the reward of withstanding summer's unpredictable temperatures and rain.

 As you can see, in the photo above, I was inspired to take some pictures and write the poem below. And I hope you enjoy the visit...To August Place.

I want to fly to August Place

through the arch of swords

To meet on the lawn
the Majesty's king and queen
robed in the beauty of purple and green

Where in silent invitation

celebration they await
their guests
Who all come wearing their best
To August Place

"The feast from the kingdom's harvest is waiting for you!"
 "Come. Raise this chiseled cup
filled with wine that is new
and let its splintered rim
bathe your lips
with the sweetness of holy dew."

"Taste the bread,
this gift, of finest rabbit's tobacco,
made savory for you."

At August Place

Where the butterflies can see
 And the open heart can fly free
At August Place

~Paulette Jackson


I hope you enjoy the piece of poetry, published in August 2013.

~Paulette Jackson

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