Easter is upon us and finding 'The House of Belonging'

Apr 02, 2021 at 10:26 am by Paulette Jackson

The House of Belonging by David Whyte

House of Belonging

It must have been

the prayer I said
in the middle of the night
speaking to the Holy One
the lover of my soul
Shekinah Light

Who beckoned me softly

to join in following the illumined path
and see the angels
of the house of heaven
through the roof of night
into the sun's eternal day

Where I was given a glimpse
of all that I have learned
to love
and have cherished
for so long

That which dwells
in the temple
of my heart and soul
the tabernacle
of my life

And my own house
of belonging

- PJackson

The poem above is an inspired version of David Whyte's original poem, "The House of Belonging." Born out of a dream, a new awakening to an awareness of life, our humanness, our experiences, as well as our belonging, are realized.

And it is in this human experience, of people, places and things, where we can see revealed a construct of architectural beauty and meaningful artistry. Be it joy, sadness, life, death, love or loss, all experiences reveal the "floor plans" of the rooms in our lives, creating in our bodies, a home ... one we know, one we love and one where we can say, along with David Whyte ... we belong.

It is in holding our humanness, that we have the opportunity to observe the artistry unfold in our life and experiences. And the poem by David Whyte, inspired my own sense of belonging, in the above poem.

Easter is upon us, and many will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave; the fulfillment of death conquered, and the battle for the human soul being won by the Savior, Who gave His life that we too, might have eternal life, in Heaven ... The House of Belonging.

May we be reminded at this time of year, particularly, of the love of the Heavenly Father, Who, through the Scriptures, confirms our belonging;

But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. Isaiah 43:1

Wishing you all, the joy of belonging ~ At this Easter time of year, and always.

With thanks to my sweet son, who, knowing David Whyte is one of my favorite authors, sent a copy of "The House of Belonging" to David Whyte, requesting an autograph for his mom, for Christmas. The request was granted, as you can see, with an additional written reminder, that I belong - as well as all of us.

Paulette Jackson

"Always, we begin again." ~St. Benedict


  • Credit: The House of Belonging. Poems by David Whyte
  • Many Rivers Press. 11th Printing 2020
  • The images above are from The House of Belonging, the cover page and the third page, acknowledging Many Rivers Press


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