Ask Ellie: Why don't we make up for lost education with year-round schools post-COVID

Jun 29, 2021 at 07:00 am by Ask Ellie

Dear Ellie: School is out for summer. But getting through COVID was, it seems, like an extended summer vacation and a loss of an entire school year. I don’t understand why kids are now out for summer when they have bascially been on a 15-month hiatus from education.

Why do we not go to a year-round school year to get our kids back on track?

- From Frustrated mother of 4 kids in grade school

Dear Frustrated: I get it, I do. I would like to see something similar to get back on track, as well as, permanent year-round schools here in Middle Tennessee. Unfortunately, the school board didn’t ask my advice on this one.

While I feel many parents are thinking similar things, and it may be too late for 2021, your question is one that should be addressed by your school principal or the director of schools. I encourage you to write to these professionals and start a dialog on your concerns.


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