Senior citizen receives stairs and repaired porch from Sheriff's SCAN volunteers

Jun 18, 2021 at 04:18 pm by Lisa Marchesoni

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” a grateful James Rainey said to Sheriff’s Senior Citizens Awareness Network volunteers.

“That was the greatest quote,” said SCAN volunteer Phil Barnett, who partnered with SCAN Co-coordinators E.T. and Clarence Guice to install steps and replace decayed lumber on the porch of Rainey’s aging Fosterville home last week.

 SCAN Coordinator E.T. Guice said Rainey lives alone on a fixed income. He watched while her husband, Clarence, and Barnett carefully repaired his porch and replaced the concrete blocks he used for steps with wooden steps.

“The only expression he had was being tickled,” Guice said.

SCAN volunteers routinely check on about 80 senior citizens’ welfare regularly. Many of the senior citizens do not have anyone else to rely on for basic needs like food, repairs and safety.

Barnett and SCAN volunteer Jack Kelton visit Rainey regularly.

“He does not have a phone or access to a phone, so it’s imperative we go out and check on him,” Barnett said. “He has no communication at all. We drive out every week or week-and-a-half to make sure he’s OK.”

During a recent visit, Rainey asked for the stairs. Sgt. Gary Herron consulted with Lowe’s in Murfreesboro, whose store donated the lumber employees cut for the project.

Guice and Barnett built the stairs to fit and replaced the lumber within a few hours. The repairs will keep Rainey from falling through the decaying lumber and possibly injuring himself.

Besides the visits and minor repairs, SCAN volunteers deliver firewood and food, provide medical alert buttons, do home security surveys and link the senior citizens to community services.

SCAN is a 501 C3 funded by donations and grants.

Barnett enjoys donating his time as a SCAN volunteer.

“That’s the fun part of this job, looking out for these people,” Barnett said.

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