Which Tennessee county is best to raise a family?

Jun 11, 2021 at 09:34 am by Michelle Willard

According to a recent report from website Niche.com, Rutherford County was within the top three counties for families in Tennessee.

Of course, Williamson County topped the list, followed by two other Middle Tennessee counties, Rutherford and Montgomery.

Rutherford County received an overall grade of A, with "Good for Families" and "Public Schools" getting the highest marks. On the low side, not surprisingly, was "Commute."

RuCo's median home value also comes under the national average ($217,500) at $213,200 while median rent is just a hair of the national average at $1,063 (National is $1,062 per month). 

Just like that annoying older sibling who is just a little bit better than you at everything, Williamson County got top marks in everything except "Commute" and "Cost of Living." Williamson's median home value is a whopping $449,000 and median rent is $1,500. Thanks to its large property tax base, Williamson's Public Schools received an A+.


Other Niche.com rankings place Rutherford County at 4 of 93 for Best Counties for Young Professionals in Tennessee and 4 of 93 for Best Counties to Live in Tennessee.

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