Ford of Murfreesboro names Deputy Vann Officer of the Month

Nov 14, 2017 at 09:00 am by Lisa Marchesoni

Keeping a mentally ill man from taking his own life earned a sheriff’s deputy the Officer of the Month Award from Ford of Murfreesboro.

On Aug. 29, Sheriff’s Deputy Joey Vann rescued the man perching on a rail on the bridge over Stones River and the Stones River Greenway on Old Fort Parkway.

Vann received a watch from General Manager Jason Borowski of Ford of Murfreesboro for being Officer of the Month for September.

“We are proud of Deputy Vann and his heroic act,” Borowski said. “Ford of Murfreesboro is grateful for the men and women like Deputy Vann who keep our community safe every day.”

Vann was on patrol when he saw the man climbing onto the rail. He was armed with a pointed club and a cutting instrument. He found the man wanted to take his life and threatened anyone who tried to stop him.

The deputy negotiated with the man, trying to prevent him from falling from the bridge. When the man became distracted, Vann grabbed him and kept him from falling. The man was taken for mental health treatment.

Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said Deputy Vann endangered his own life when he grabbed the man and pulled him safely off the bridge

“Deputy Vann saved the life of this mentally ill man,” Sheriff Fitzhugh said. “I thank Deputy Vann for his commitment to saving this man’s life while risking his own life.”

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