Rutherford County extends mask mandate through the end of September

Aug 31, 2020 at 09:20 am by Michelle Willard

Data from Johns Hopkins University


With improvement in active COVID-19 infections, Rutherford County extends its mask mandate, according to the mayor's office.

On Friday, Aug. 28, Gov. Bill Lee issued Executive Order 59, extending the time frame for local mayors to impose a mask mandate for their counties through midnight Sept. 30. Respectively, Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron has extended the Rutherford County Face Covering Order through the end of September.

"During the month of August, we saw the county's numbers trending downward," said Mayor Ketron. "In just a short period of time, our recovered cases rose above our number of active cases, a trend that has continued since the end of July. We are no longer third in the state for positive cases. These are all very optimistic indicators."

The numbers are indeed improving. The total active cases in the county has been on a downward trend for the past few weeks and deaths are coming at a slower rate. The curve is flattening again.

It's almost as if masks actually work to slow the disease that is spread through breath. Who'd have thought? That's not going to stop the naysayers with their memes on Facebook though. 

Masks aren't comfortable, but then I hear the coronavirus isn't comfortable either. Ketron has encouraged the community to choose its neighbors' health over comfort.

"We are appreciative of the community's patience as we navigate this ongoing health situation and strive to make considerate and informed decisions aimed at keeping our citizens and visitors safe and healthy," Ketron said.



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