Rutherford County law enforcement urges you to not be stupid and lock your car

Mar 13, 2020 at 09:00 am by Voice Wire

Start your #9 p.m. Routine tonight

Local law enforcement leadership endorses the #9pmroutine campaign to educate citizens and help prevent burglary.

Rutherford County Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh, Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold, Murfreesboro Police Chief Michael Bowen, and La Vergne Police Chief Mike Walker joined forces to film a Public Service Announcement educating citizens about crimes of opportunity and simple steps to prevent people from becoming victims.

“Officers and deputies in our jurisdictions respond to vehicle break-ins that are a result of valuable items left in unlocked cars,” explained Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh.  “We are all committed to providing exceptional service and education to keep our communities safe.  The #9pmroutine is an opportunity to remind our citizens of four easy steps that can prevent burglary.”

The four simple steps in the #9pm routine include:

  1. Remove valuables from your vehicle.
  2. Lock your car
  3. Lock all doors to your home and close your garage door
  4. Turn exterior lights on

The #9pm routine campaign will extend to Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, La Vergne, and Smyrna public access channels, as well as social media platforms.


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