Is Rutherford County considering a wheel tax increase?

Dec 03, 2019 at 01:19 pm by Michelle Willard

Wheel tax increase?

Like most local governments in Middle Tennessee, it looks like Rutherford County is having a hard time paying for all the growth. And when that happens, politicians look to tap for any turnip they find for blood.

That's why it's no surprise to me that a wheel tax increases has turned up like a bad penny.

The Rutherford County Public Works & Planning Commission has "discussion of a wheel tax increase" and discussion of mineral severance tax" on the agenda. Also, on the agenda is a "Solid Waste presentation Mayor Ketron" (insert joke here).

Rutherford county first enacted a wheel tax of $10 in 1970 to pay down debt on the construction of Riverdale and Oakland High schools. Over the years, the tax has increased and been divided between multiple funds with 30 percent going to the county's general fund, 30 percent to the highway fund and 40 percent to education, which is split with Murfreesboro.

The rate is currently $52.50 (plus the state's portion). The commission discussed a wheel tax increase just last year when they decided to raise your property taxes instead. It was last raised in 2017 when another $5 was added under the pretense of funding transportation projects.

Who knows what they are going to do this time? All I know is they shouldn't raise property taxes again.

As for the "mineral severance tax," these taxes are assessed on natural resources that are taken from the earth, like coal, oil, gas, ores and other minerals.

This tax is imposed on the person or company severing natural resources from the soil or water of the state. Arond here, it probably means rock quarries. We don't have much oil, gas or coal around these parts.

The Rutherford County Public Works & Planning Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. tonight (Dec. 3) in room 205 of the Historic Courthouse.



Another illustration of how not to run a County or any other municipality. Our county government is rife with nepotism. Pure and simple. At the top of the heap is our "finance manager" Lisa Nolen, who is married to Mac Nolen, who's involved with our toxic waste heap in Walter Hill. He couldn't find his way out of a rotten paper bag but he's the genius who keeps telling the alternative waste processors, "You do know who my wife is?" Then we have the new "risk manager" Ed Elam who has ZERO background in the employee benefits management business. The mayor put this buddy of his into this job and then stacked the office full of fat personnel after firing the previous "risk manager". Lisa Nolen uses the County Employee Benefits plan as a charity for anyone who "needs insurance", as proven in State Audit reports. We have added so much fat to our county employee roster, and not one single person seems to know how to trim it. These people make twice as much as they would if they could get jobs in the private sector. God only knows how much the Mayor's personal litigation will be paid for by taxpayers. Which leads us to the Mac-Daddy of all over paid double-dippers: The County Attorney(s). Folks, this firm is so intermarried with every single private or public entity they are beyond conflicted. They are not real lawyers, they are like Saddam Hussein's guards. They give out such bad legal advice, but then we pay them to defend our county when it leads to law suits. They are the ones at the center of it all, and we pay these people without even getting kissed first.
Great comment Tess, but you forgot to mention all the " just as much or more" down home cooked government that exist over at the city of Murfreesboro. Ever wonder how "they" came about picking a city manager who has a long history of redundant accusations involving conflict of interests? And just who are "they" this panel that hired a third party consultancy group to go pick him out of the ether. Maybe ask yourself Why these 2 governments ( city and countey)seem act the same way with decisions that are supposed to made in meetings held in open forums? What's the common denominator here? Does it almost seem like one central group, say a trade union, that is...oh I dont know....vested directly with local commercial realestate developement and whose members comprise our local real estate developement, sales, and finance industry are calling all the shots? And who maybe meet 15 minutes of every week to discuss ways to maintain representation in ALL local governments ( not just Rutherford countey), and who also pick there own internal candidates for the people of murfreesboro and Rutherford country to vote for. And who also pay for those internally selected candidates respective campaign sign costs in exchange for voting and promoting that trade unions very special and narrow interests. I dont know. What am I trying to say here. AMERICAN HOME_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ASSOCIATION? WHAT I AM REALLY TRYING TO SAY IS THERE HAS BEEN A PUPPET GOVERNMENT IN PLACE FOR 30 YEARS THAT HAS BEEN GAMING THE ELECTORAL PROCESS OF ALL THESE LOCAL 615 GOVERNMENTS TO SUIT THEIR OWN AGENDA. It's not random yet redundant problems that we keep experiencing. They are artificial manmade and deliberately manufactured.
Well, I see we're reading the same novel. You're expounding on different chapters, but for those of us who are paying attention, it's not hard to read between the lines.
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