What house sold for $775,000 in April?

May 13, 2019 at 07:00 am by Michelle Willard

The number of houses selling stabilized in April as pending sales bode an increase in May, according to the Red Report.

Year-over-year the number of completed home sales remained the same in April but the volume of pending sales increased 20 percent in Rutherford, Davidson, Wilson and Williamson counties. The average price of a closed sale also inched up 5 percent to $395,575.

"The first quarter was slightly lower than last year at 3 percent less, but the increase in pendings may be a sign that the late Spring and Summer closings may increase enough to cover the small loss taken in the first quarter," said Steven Dotson, president of Red Realty and issuer of the Red Report. "National economist see a strong few months ahead."

Commercial transactions in Rutherford County show large tracts and subdivision lots are still trading hands between developers and builders. This also bodes well for the county's supply. Like we learned in high school economics, more supply means lower (or in our case stabilizing) prices.

Below is the monthly real estate transaction report taken from the Rutherford County Register of Deeds.

Commercial Transactions






BW Parkside Owner LLC

Parke Partners LLC

261 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro (17.06 acres)

$37.5 million

April 1 

Decker & Belt Investments

WSP Salem Glen LLC

3450 Glenside Court, Murfreesboro

$6.3 million

April 30 

Firebird SFE

RH Partners Ownerco

15 lots in Westwind, LaVergne

$3.46 million


April 30 

Mupr 3 Assets

RH Partners Ownerco

15 lots in Westwind, LaVergne

$3.1 million


April 30 

Rocky Fork Partners LLC

Jandim Realty LLC

88 acres on Rocky Fork Almaville Road, Smyrna

$3 million


April 12 

David and Peggy Elrod

Clayton Properties Group

81.97 acres on Blackman Rd., Murfreesboro

$2.7 million

April 30 

Country Village LLC

Akbar K. Arab

1322 Hazelwood Drive, Smyrna

$2.6 million

April 9 

North Church LLC

Pinnacle Bank

Robert Rose Village East Lot 3, Murfreesboro

$2.04 million

April 8 

North Church LLC

Andalusia Properties LLC

Robert Rose Village East Lot 9, Murfreesboro

$1.9 million

April 4 

PCJ Holdings LLC

Scott and Chuan Menefee

1242 S. Church St., Murfreesboro

$1.88 million

April 30

Tina Jones

Richland South LLC

US Hwy. 41-80 South (34.84 acres), Murfreesboro

$1.625 million

April 8 

McGowan Family Limited Partnership

Phillip and Paula Calahan

2106, 1208, 2110 & 2112 Middle Tennessee Blvd., Murfreesboro


April 24

Most Expensive Houses

The most expensive home sold in April was at 2910 Cherry Blossom Lane in Murfreesboro. This single family home, which was built in 2008, sold for $775,000 on April 3. It is 5,200 square feet and contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms. 





Edwin and Joy Ferry

2910 Cherry Blossom Lane, Murfreesboro


April 3

Amy Johnson

3493 Shores Rd., Murfreesboro


April 3 

Flossie and Stephen Holmes

11187 Windrow Rd. South, Murfreesboro


April 26 

Bryce and Sarah Clark

1152 Compton Rd., Murfreesboro


April 3 

John Tinkham and Carl Jenkins

12.79 acres on Florence Road, Smyrna


April 9 

Christopher and Gina Maness

120 Fontana Court, Murfreesboro


April 5 

Jeffery Hooper

7031 Springwater St., Smyrna


April 12 

Charles and Jessica Jenkins

726 Dallas Court, Murfreesboro


April 12 

Richard and Kristi Sykes

9526 Link Rd., Christiana


April 24 

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