Boro Fondo announces 2019 lineup

Apr 01, 2019 at 09:00 am by BoroFondo


What is Boro Fondo?

Boro Fondo is a nonprofit cycling, music and arts festival in Murfreesboro that focuses on enriching the local musical and artistic communities while promoting pedestrian safety...and maybe also having a little fun. 2019 is our seventh year running!

What do I do?

Get on your bike and ride with us to see over 40 bands sprinkled with comedians in venues decorated by local artists! 

Who's playing?

Glad you asked! While we have a tentative schedule and lineup, the nature of this festival means that it is subject to change. The current lineup is below, but be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram or Website for last minute changes. 

Comedians from Radical Arts and Smokes & Jokes will be performing between bands!

Bands Location Time Day
The Down Suad Media Rerun 6-9pm Friday
The Strumms Media Rerun 6-9pm Friday
Death Card Media Rerun 6-9pm Friday
El Escapado Media Rerun 6-9pm Friday
The Glorious Rebellion Media Rerun 6-9pm Friday
Dead Register Media Rerun 6-9PM Friday
Casey Jo & The Friday Night Daddies The Green Dragon 12:00 Pm Saturday
These Heathens The Green Dragon 12:20 Pm Saturday
Huttch The Green Dragon 12:40 Pm Saturday
Finger Lakes The Green Dragon 1:00 Pm Saturday
The Dune Flowers The Green Dragon 1:20 Pm Saturday
Mouth Reader Blonde Redhead 2:00 Pm Saturday
Jude Quinn Blonde Redhead 2:20 Pm Saturday
The Dirty Delusion Blonde Redhead 2:40 Pm Saturday
Mr. Magenta Moab Bike Shop 4:00 Pm Saturday
Fugly Screw & The 2x4s Moab Bike Shop 4:20 Pm Saturday
Trane Spitta Moab Bike Shop 4:40 Pm Saturday
Year Of October Moab Bike Shop 5:00 Pm Saturday
Anthony J Murfreesboro Little Theatre 5:40 Pm Saturday
Vladopus 9 Murfreesboro Little Theatre 6:00 Pm Saturday
Funeral Fever Murfreesboro Little Theatre 6:20 Pm Saturday
Julian & The Tree Climbers Murfreesboro Little Theatre 6:40 Pm Saturday
This Is A Thing The Kitchen, 1311 Minerva 7:20 Pm Saturday
Neptune The Mystic The Kitchen, 1311 Minerva 7:40 Pm Saturday
Davey Dynamite And The Salt Creek Duo The Kitchen, 1311 Minerva 8:00 Pm Saturday
F-Hero Murderhut, 2103 Sherrill 8:40 Pm Saturday
Bulldog Mentality Murderhut, 2103 Sherrill 9:00 Pm Saturday
Two Murderhut, 2103 Sherrill 9:20 Pm Saturday
  Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 10:20 Pm Saturday
Maewyn Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 10:40 Pm Saturday
Shin-Kira Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 11:00 Pm Saturday
Fox Hollow Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 11:20 Pm Saturday
Still Satellite Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 11:40 Pm Saturday
Farseek Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 12:00 Am Saturday
Nuclear Bubble Wrap Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 12:20 Am Saturday
Dos Cobros Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 12:40 Am Saturday
  Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 1:00 Am Saturday
Whiskey Angel Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 1:20 Am Saturday
Big, If True Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 1:40 Am Saturday
The Ugly Red Eyes Van's Bar And Grill, 2404 Halls Hill Pike 2:00 Am Saturday
Cacophony Boro Bar And Grill 1:00 Pm Sunday
Abated Mass Of Flesh Boro Bar And Grill 1:30 Pm Sunday
Offhand Boro Bar And Grill 2:00 Pm Sunday
Hard Reset Boro Bar And Grill 2:30 Pm Sunday
Aye Mammoth Boro Bar And Grill 3:00 Pm Sunday
  Boro Bar And Grill 3:30 Pm Sunday
Skeetzo & Krysis Boro Bar And Grill 4:00 Pm Sunday
Moru Boro Bar And Grill 4:30 Pm Sunday
Supermelt Boro Bar And Grill 5:00 Pm Sunday
The Daddy Sisters Boro Bar And Grill 5:30 Pm Sunday
Finally Gravy Boro Bar And Grill 6:00 Pm Sunday
Thetan Boro Bar And Grill 6:30 Pm Sunday
Random Conflict Boro Bar And Grill 7:00 Pm Sunday
Bazookatooth Boro Bar And Grill 7:30 Pm Sunday
Tom Violence Boro Bar And Grill 8:00 Pm Sunday
Balmora Boro Bar And Grill 8:30 Pm Sunday
  Boro Bar And Grill 9:00 Pm Sunday
Toxic Culture Boro Bar And Grill 9:30 Pm Sunday
Dizzy Piece Boro Bar And Grill 10:00 Pm Sunday
  Campus Pub 1:00 Pm Sunday
Josh Stevens Campus Pub 1:30 Pm Sunday
  Campus Pub 2:00 Pm Sunday
Gold Rock Johnson Campus Pub 2:30 Pm Sunday
Gil Costello Campus Pub 3:00 Pm Sunday
Ethan Terrestrial Campus Pub 3:30 Pm Sunday
Trash Cats Campus Pub 4:00 Pm Sunday
The Dirty Poors Campus Pub 4:30 Pm Sunday
Fischer's Kitchen Campus Pub 5:00 Pm Sunday
Antler Hopkins Campus Pub 5:30 Pm Sunday
From Worlds Alike Campus Pub 6:00 Pm Sunday
  Campus Pub 6:30 Pm Sunday
Karate Chad Campus Pub 7:00 Pm Sunday
Los Swamp Monsters Campus Pub 7:30 Pm Sunday
Weathertalk Campus Pub 8:00 Pm Sunday

 Anything else?

Have fun and ride at your own risk! Please read our full Release of Liability.


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