Robert's Revelation - New Children's Book By Local Writer Tamela Sue Wies

Mar 06, 2019 at 04:48 pm by Voice Wire

Robert finds himself in a quandary as all the neighborhood boys have gotten shiny brand-new bikes and he wants one too. He turns to his trusted Papa for help, but his Papa’s advice is not what he expected. Delve into Robert’s dilemma with your children or grandchildren and catch a glimpse of the valuable life lesson he learns through his bicycle adventure.

Robert’s Revelation (A Contented Heart) is the first book to be published in a nine-book series which the author has written for her grandchildren. The narrative will help children and adults alike understand the meaning of contentment and God’s desire for His children to be satisfied with all that He provides. It will encourage conversation, bring about understanding of the difference between a want and a need, and guide them to “test their wanters” before they move ahead with their decisions.


The Author, Tamela Sue Wies, “Gigi”, is a mother of four, a grandmother of nine, and has worked with children in various roles over the years. It is her desire to enlighten them with the Truth of God’s Word by making their reading enjoyable, fun and purposeful. Her books teach valuable life lessons and can be read alone or with an adult to prompt relationship and growth.

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