Murfreesboro City Schools Cheer team comes in second at nationals

Feb 11, 2019 at 11:03 am by Murfreesboro City Schools

Murfreesboro City Schools Cheer team

The MCS Competition Cheer Junior Rec Team placed second in the nation in the Junior Rec Division during the National High School Cheerleading Championship with zero deductions in their routine.

The MCS Youth Rec Team placed 10th in the nation in their division. This was the second year for the Junior Team to compete and the first year for the Youth Team. As new participants in this national competition, breaking the top 10 by both teams was an extraordinary accomplishment.

Thirty-three students from across Murfreesboro City Schools have trained throughout the school year to earn their bids to Nationals.  The teams comprised of students from 1st through 6th grade are led by coaches Jessica Jacobs, Amber Kelly, Megan Brewer and Taylor Sams.

Junior Rec 

  • Addy Neal, 6th Grade, Scales
  • Aniyah Andrews, 5th Grade, John Pittard
  • Alayna Workman, 6th Grade, Reeves Rogers
  • Annalise Poplin, 5th Grade, Discovery 
  • ChloeAnne Jones, 3rd Grade, Erma Siegel
  • Ellie Young, 2nd Grade, Northfield
  • Jayda Holst, 5th Grade, Overall Creek
  • Jordin Washington, 5th Grade, Scales
  • Jorie Miller, 6th Grade, Bradley Academy 
  • Juliana Foley, 6th Grade, Cason Lane
  • Krista Smith, 6th Grade, Northfield
  • Kylie McKinney, 5th Grade, Northfield
  • Kylie Travis, 6th Grade, Scales
  • Kyniah Hall, 6th Grade, Scales
  • Myah Taylor, 5th Grade, Cason Lane
  • Novah Chanthaphanh, 6th Grade, Scales
  • Sameah Covington, 5th Grade, Scales
  • Sophie Gough, 6th Grade, Scales 

Youth Rec

  • Addison Jennings, 1st Grade. Scales
  • Allison Hart, 3rd Grade, Scales
  • Anslee Wyatt, 3rd Grade, Overall Creek 
  • Cadian Allen, 4th Grade, Scales
  • Carlie Savannah, 2nd Grade, Reeves Rogers
  • Caroline Campbell, 2nd Grade, Discovery
  • Caroline Robinson, 3rd Grade, Erma Siegel 
  • Ella Richards, 3rd Grade, Scales
  • Grace Smith, 2nd Grade, Overall Creek
  • Jordan Kemp, 5th Grade, Northfield
  • Kaylee Wilder, 4th Grade, Scales
  • Kobie Davis, 3rd Grade, Scales
  • Madeleine Maignan, 4th Grade, Erma Siegel
  • Madison Fuller, 4th Grade, Hobgood
  • Taylor Sims, 1st Grade, Overall Creek 

The 2019 National High School Cheerleading Championship and National Dance Team Championship took place this past weekend celebrating more than 20,000 of the country's top high school cheerleaders and dancers.

The events, produced by the Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association, both Varsity Spirit brands, celebrated the power of school spirit, community, athleticism and talent, and took place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The two events showcased 24,000 athletes across 1,200 teams from 35 different states. Internationally, 89 teams from 12 countries also competed.

Cheerleading teams are judged on their crowd leading abilities, stunting and tumbling skills and overall performance. The dance competition is judged on choreography, technique, execution and overall effect. All teams competing in the championship had to qualify at a regional event or camp in order to participate.



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