Paws & Claus delivered 200+ pounds of pet food to Beesley Animal Foundation

Jan 04, 2019 at 12:00 pm by Beesley Animal Foundation

Beesley Animal Foundation

Paws & Claus was held at Stones River Town Centre for six consecutive Mondays throughout November and December.

This event was sponsored by Doggie's Day Out for the 5th year. Doggie's Day Out is a daycare, boarding and grooming center, and pup bakery that has been in Murfreesboro since 2010.

Cat and dog owners brought in their pets to see Santa and have pictures made. Donations, monetary or of pet food, were made to the Beesley Animal Foundation Outreach Program during these Paws & Claus sessions, and donors received a coupon for a free 5x7 picture.

The 2018 Paws & Claus nights brought in $257.89 and 241 pounds of pet food for the  Outreach program! 

Beesley's Outreach Program began in the summer of 2015. In three years it has grown to collaborate with 10 agencies/ organizations throughout Rutherford and Cannon County with pet food. These groups were already providing a food outreach program for humans. Beesley Animal Foundation has added to their distribution with wet and dry cat and dog food. From September 2017- August 2018 4,200 parcels of pet food were distributed.  (2,452 parcels of dog food. 1,736 parcels of cat food.) Most of this pet food came through donations, and with the help of volunteers we are able to repack it and share it with others. 

Within the Outreach Program, Beesley Animal Clinic staff also goes out into the community to vaccinate the cats and dogs of those at risk, primarily low-income and seniors, for free. 322 vaccinations were given in the last year during these Outreach visits.

The Beesley Animal Foundation operates 4 different programs:
1. Beesley Animal Clinic- Spay/Neuter Surgeries, Vaccinations,  Preventatives. Basic Affordable Pet Care.

2. Educational Programs - Presentations to Schools, Civic Organizations, and more. Promoting "Kindness, Respect, Responsibility"
3. Financial Aid-  Assistance for selected Services at Beesley Animal Clinic for those meeting certain criteria
4. Outreach Program- Vaccinations and Pet Food for cats and dogs of seniors, homeless, and the underserved throughout Rutherford/Cannon Counties. 

Thanks to donations, both monetary and of pet food, the Outreach Program continues to grow to serve those in Rutherford and Cannon counties. Businesses like Doggie's Day Out and Stones River Town Centre help Beesley Animal Foundation programs with events like Paws & Claus.  To learn more about the Beesley Animal Foundation programs and services, please visit their websites.

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