Reeves-Sain Drug Store has closed

Sep 19, 2018 at 11:24 am by Michelle Willard


Update: Reeves-Sain Drug Store closed Dec. 4, 2018.

The rumor mill is working overtime about the future of Reeves-Sain Drug Store.

Local realtor Bill Wilson published a rumor Sept. 17 on his public Facebook page about the possible closure of the Murfreesboro staple.

Nothing has been confirmed but it does seem likely.

The Backstory

Part of the Reeves-Sain family of medical services was sold to Fred's (who knew Fred's had a pharmacy division) in 2015 for $66 million.

Fred's didn't necessarily want a soda shoppe but the Memphis-based company did want EntrustRx, a specialty pharmacy operation.

Fred's ended up selling EntrustRx to Advance Care Scripts, an affiliate of CVS, in June for $40 million.

Last summer, Fred's had a plan to buy nearly 1,000 stores from Rite Aid. That deal fell through when Rite Aid and Walgreen's merged their stores, which led to the closure of several local Rite Aids.

Then earlier this month Walgreens and Fred’s announced they have entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement, pursuant to which Walgreens will acquire pharmacy patient prescription files and related pharmacy inventory of 185 Fred’s stores located across 10 Southeastern states.

That should include Reeves-Sain Drug Store and its milkshakes.

Calls and emails to Walgreen's corporate have yet gone unanswered.

But what about the milkshakes?

From the press release:

"Fred’s will continue to operate its retail stores at most of these locations after the pharmacies close. Once the transaction is complete, Fred’s will continue to operate approximately 162 pharmacies across nearly 600 stores. Fred’s pharmacy staff at the closing locations will have an opportunity to apply for any available positions at Walgreens.

"Patients whose prescriptions are being transferred will be notified by letter, and the parties will work together to help ensure a smooth transition. Once patient prescriptions are transferred from Fred’s to Walgreens, patients will have access to Walgreens trusted pharmacy services across a network of approximately 9,800 pharmacies nationwide."

If anyone receives a letter, let me know. You'll know before they return my calls.

Also Walgreen's likes its branding. And Reeves_sain doesn't look anything like the Walgreens' corner drug store.

If I were a betting woman, I'd lay down odds that Walgreens will end up closing the store. It's not a matter of if but when.

Could a certain wealthy state senator save his namesake and a Murfreesboro institution?

Or could Rick Sain, who actually owns the building, save the day?

Only time will tell.



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