Why you should start the day with poetry

Sep 19, 2018 at 08:00 am by Paulette Jackson

A Day To Dream by Paulette Jackson

Our summer season is beginning to turn toward fall, a change we see with days getting a little bit shorter and shadows getting a little bit longer as the sun's angle begins to shift with the season.

It is also a wonderful time to take advantage of afternoon cat-naps in a hammock or lawn chair, drifting away and sleeping soundly under the still warm sun, surrounded by the soft seasonal breezes. 

In honor of the season's transitions, I hope you enjoy the poem below.

A Day To Dream
~Paulette Jackson  

A day to dream

cradled safe in the arms of a favorite chair

In a time 
kept only by the playful shadows
that were and were not there

Comforted by the gentle blanket 
of a breeze 
that soothed 
along with a bit of music
 the lullaby of the leaves

Under the watchful eye 
of the sun
 omnipotent sight
Visible and invisible
 her companion light 

Amidst these scenes in suspended hue 
time could not resist 
 so danced
 with the playful shadows trying to hide 
from the blue

Too soon was the time to return to 
The Inn
Cradled and Comforted
Having been

Asleep beside this mother 
 Nature’s lair
A child of the universe and the Holy 
who spoke it there

Having everything I could need.

For the Support of Your Life
For the Many Sides of Life
Paulette Jackson Lpc-Mhsp 

 photo credit: catherinehawkins.com