Coffee and Conversation: A visit to The Full Moon Market

Aug 28, 2018 at 12:30 pm by The Old Wolf


Art is a very subjective thing. It takes on many forms and draws from many genres. Certain seasons evoke a mood and charm inimical to their presence. I don’t think any time of year ties itself more tightly to a certain style of art than fall.

Specifically Halloween.

The Full Moon Market Festival in Nashville Saturday night featured creations both ghoulish and glamorous, from the ordinary to the eerie. Located at 100 Taylor Avenue, a massive looming warehouse hosted the gathering of eclectic souls and their offerings. 

Things of simple beauty were offered along with creepy delights. Old vinyl records, pottery classes, glow in the dark soap, exquisite handmade jewelry…the variety was staggering.

It was such an organic experience that it made me think about my own art and design studio my wife and I own…Hippie Haven Studios.

About the variety of things we offer in terms of style, medium, and message.

Then I broadened my musings to the art scene in Murfreesboro, which I feel is constricting and stale. It lacks variety and breadth, and offers little in terms of unity or social bonding among its artists. Perhaps I am wrong. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes?

Artists you may want to check out:

Kayla Connelley's Geotique Designs

Kaitlin Savage Ceramics

Hippie Haven Studios


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