What is your ONE THING?

Jun 24, 2018 at 11:39 am by sonyamcclloughlockridge

It’s looking like another season of fervent Prayer is in order for those of us who believe in the Power of Prayer.

Weeks ago I found an awesome resource in the prayer room at church, in regards to praying and or petitioning our Father for ONE THING.

Last Saturday I used this Biblical approach when praying for/with people at From Our Fathers Prayer In The Park outreach event.

So, for the lack of a better term and to not get overly creative, we will title this new season of Prayer ... ONE THING, just as the author of the pictured resource did!

In his old age, Abraham took his complaint of his lack of an heir to the only one able to change his circumstances and in a years time, Abraham’s wife was pregnant with Issac.

Abraham prayed for ONE THING and this ONE THING petition helped to change everything.

What is your ONE THING? And are you willing to approach the throne of mercy and grace for this ONE THING?

Oh, how I wish it would be that easy but it just ain’t.

But, know ... the kicker is because of the finished work of Jesus Christ, we now all have the option to let HIM do the heavy lifting of burdens while we lay them down.

Are we willing to hide the baby in a basket and lay him down by the bank of the Nile? Are we willing to walk away? Are we willing to stand at a distance and watch?

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