Hop Springs

Hop Springs.
Hop Springs disc golf course.
Disc golf playing fields.
View of the Hop Springs property.
Creek on the Hop Springs property.
The 3 mile walking trail is a great way for all ages to explore the property and take in local wildlife sightings.
Creek on the Hop Springs property.
Hop Springs dog park.
Picnic tables under shade trees are a perfect way to relax during your visit.
Trees on the property provide shade and beauty.
Families bring picnics, toys and other comforts to settle in for a relaxing afternoon at Hop Springs.
Plenty of picnic tables and space make for an ideal socially-distanced outing.
Front entrance of the Hop Springs tap room.
Coolers keep favorite brews cold for pickup.
Disc golf discs and walking sticks are available for purchase.
Guests enjoy sipping and visiting on the porch.
On Site Catering wings.
On Site Catering woodfired pizza.
Flames glow in the oven for On Site Catering's signature woodfired pizza.
Rough hewn standing tables and picnic tables invite guests to sit and stay awhile.
Hop Springs front entrance with curbside pickup tent.
Hop Springs tap room.