Focus on the Boro 2019 Award Winning Images

Angel in Water, Taylor Alexander, 2nd Place People
Balancing to a Tea, Vicki Graham, 1st Place Abstract/Special Effects and Best in Show
Reflecting, Casey Malone, 1st Place Animals and Runner Up Best in Show
Sisters, Donna Tomlin, First Place People
A Walk in the Falls, Matt O'Donnell, 3rd Place People
Ocean Shades, Vicki Graham, 3rd Place People
Sunrise at Delray Beach, Jefferson Roberts, 1st Place Landscape
Foggy Sunset, Jody Hoevelmann, 2nd Place Landscape
Lighthouse Sunset, Thomas McEwen, 3rd Place Landscape
Springtime in Wyoming, 3rd Place Thomas McEwen
Time Slips Away, Amy Barber, 1st Place Still Life
Watch Product Shot, Mike Barbieri, 2nd Place Still Life
Leaves in Ice, Craig Newman, 3rd Place Still Life
I'm Watching You, Robert Bennett, 2nd Place Animals
Vulture Stretching, Craig Newman, 3rd Place Animals
Tiny Mushrooms, Donna Tomlin, 1st Place Flora
Summer, Melissa Scott, 2nd Place Flora
Lone Daisy, Isai Garcia, 3rd Place Flora
At the Drive In, Mike McDougal, 1st Place Architecture
Aloha, Rachel Byrnes, 2nd Place Architecture
A Beacon in the Night, Casey Malone, 3rd Place Architecture
Splash, Amy Barbieri, 1st Place Sports/Action
Touch Down, Matt O'Donnell, 2nd Place Sports/Action
Tenacity, Jessica Rasmussen, 3rd Place Sports/Action
Nashville Nights, Vicki Graham, 2nd Place Abstract Special Effects
Reading Comes Alive, Amy Barbieri, 3rd Place Abstract/Special Effects
Light Up the Boro, Tiffany Spangler, 1st Place Murfreesboro
End of the Line, Craig Newman, 2nd Place Murfreesboro
Sunset Blue, Tom Womack, 3rd Place Murfreesboro
Jerusalem Umbrellas, Abby Byrnes, 1st Place Youth Still Life and Youth Best in Show
Sister, Type Nelson, 1st Place Youth People
Sunny Blue Day, Addison Hoevelmann, 1st Place Youth Landscape
Holly, Abby Byrnes, 1st Place Youth Animals
Sunlight Through a Leaf, Anika Site, 1st Place Youth Flora
Portland Mural, Jack Piggot, 1st Place Youth Architecture
Patience, Bradon Davila, 1st Place Abstract/Special Effects
Stones River, Ada Pippin, 1st Place Youth Murfreesboro