Favorite stories from 2018

Favorite story: In February, Rutherford County law enforcement agencies raided 23 businesses and served 21 indictments on people accused of selling hemp-derived products.
Favorite story: Mike Sparks thinks teachers are paid enough and wants a website so everyone can see
Favorite story: We named a bridge, at least for a day.
Favorite story: Miranda Lambert comes to Murfreesboro to make fun of Blake Shelton.
Favorite story: Everyone has an opinion.
Favorite story: Blackman Community Rallies Around Standout Lineman’s Family.
Favorite story: You really enjoyed crime stories.
Favorite Photos: The last Saturday morning show at Murfreesboro Vacuum and Sewing Center by Tom Beckwith
Favorite Photos: Blackman Football Scrimmage vs. Franklin High School by Joel Barker
Favorite Photos: Main Street Summer Party 2018 by Tom Beckwith
Favorite Photos: Terry Bradshaw at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rutherford County Stake & Burger Dinner by Tom Beckwith
Favorite Photos: Stones River Manor Ribbon Cutting by Tom Beckwith