Betsy DeVos visits Oakland High School on Nov. 29

Oakland seniors Einar Strandberg, Matthew Putzig and Sara Carmichael teach U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos how to operate a robotic arm during her tour of the school on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017.
Oakland principal Bill Spurlock, left, and Director of Schools Don Odom, center, led Secretary DeVos on a tour of the career and technical education programs at the school. 
Oakland seniors Einar Strandberg, Matthew Putzig and Sara Carmichael teach U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos how to operate a robotic arm during her tour of the school  on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017. 
Oakland seniors Amal Kanakrieh, right, and Emma Clunie, center, talk about the clinical nursing program with Secretary DeVos. 
Director of Schools Don Odom, right, and School Board member Aaron Holladay, discuss public education and the Career and Technical Education programs available at Oakland and other Rutherford County Schools. "It can be replicated," Director Odom said. 
Secretary DeVos poses with officials with Rutherford County Schools and the Tennessee Delegation. 
Secretary DeVos poses with members of the local manufacturing community, and officials with Oakland High School and Rutherford County Schools. 
Secretary DeVos talks with Oakland clinic nursing students Tanay Patel, right, and Jalela Bahar, center. 
Secretary DeVos poses for a photo with Oakland mechatronics graduate Jeri Radford, who is now an accomplished student at Middle Tennessee State University. 
Secretary DeVos poses for a photo with Oakland mechatronics students. 
Secretary DeVos participated in a roundtable discussion with officials from Rutherford County Schools, Oakland High School, the Chamber of Commerce, local higher education institutions and representatives from local manufacturers. 
Oakland Principal Bill Spurlock kicks off the panel discussion with Secretary Devos about the school's mechatronics program. 
Oakland mechatronics teacher Lenny Ciletti poses for a photo with Secretary Devos. 
Mechatronics teacher Lenny Ciletti discusses the 3D printing lab with Secretary Devos. 
Secretary DeVos discusses the mechatronics program with teacher Lenny Ciletti and seniors Einar Strandberg, Matthew Putzig and Sara Carmichael.
Secretary DeVos discusses robotic machinery with Oakland students Dhruv Patel, center, and Louis Mindar. 
Secretary DeVos talks about the program at Oakland High School with Director of Schools Don Odom. 
Oakland automotive teacher Philip Vining discusses the program with Secretary DeVos. 
Secretary DeVos talks with nursing students Cason Buehler, right, and Tamaiya Fore.