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Feb 23, 2018 at 11:00 am by Weddings&Event by Raina

A little free advice from a wedding planner to everyone getting started on prep for the big day:

If you want to save your sanity, I highly recommend installing Dittach, a new tool for Gmail that you can get free in Google’s Chrome Web Store.


It allows you to directly search, browse and manage your Gmail attachments, which will prevent you from losing any important wedding stuff, and save you gobs of time in handling all the invitations, samples, quotes, receipts, etc., that your email fills up with during the wedding planning process. 

This brings me to a second piece of advice: set up a dedicated wedding Gmail account. That’s free too, and it will prevent getting your wedding stuff mixed up with all that trivial non-wedding stuff in your main account. Also a lifesaver.

Do it because Gmail is the world’s No. 1 email system, for good reason.

And Dittach integrates directly into it — you search for attachments in Gmail’s own search bar, and the results appear in a sidebar on the right side of your inbox.

From there, you can scroll through your results’ thumbnails & titles, find what you’re looking for, and view the attachment, or the original email, print, forward or download a file — or delete an attachment without having to the delete the original email it was attached to.


That may not seem like a big deal, but it is — it’s massively valuable in the fight to stay organized and save space. And weirdly, it’s a feature that Gmail on its own doesn’t have yet.

This isn’t an ad or a paid endorsement — but it is an endorsement. None of us at Weddings & Events by Raina can imagine how we ever managed without this incredible time-saving tool.

Simply put, Dittach is like a Pinterest Save Button for all your attachments — for all the photos you’ve sent yourself, for all your contract and wedding vendor emails, and so on.

This way, whether you’re trying to find an inspiration photo you’ve sent to your florist, something to show off to your bridesmaids, or the gorgeous cake design you spotted on Instagram and emailed to your cake artist or a contract that your wedding planner sent you for review and signatures, you can sift through everything seamlessly, in seconds.


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