P.S. on 'Trumpism' Post-State of the Union Speech

Feb 09, 2018 at 09:00 am by clervin

It's morning again in America.

Post State of the Union notes: Although the country unified, albeit briefly, following the 9/11 attacks, President Trump’s State of the Union speech was the most optimistic, feel-good address since Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign in 1984.

As a slight digression, isn’t it a crying shame that one has to hearken back 30 or so years to find such an inspiring speech?

It’s pathetic.

And just a year or two ago, I would have bet the ranch that the source of the inspiration would not have been, and could not have been, Donald Trump. No chance the shamelessly self-promoting host of “The Apprentice” could have pulled that off. I wrong, and I’m happy to admit it.

The most important thing about the SOTU speech though is that you felt like an American again. After eight years of feeling like a stranger in my own country, stabbed in the back every time Obama spoke, telling us how horrible what we believed to be American values were, about who was oppressed, it seems that we finally have a leader who loves the country again.

For so long, people in America were told how corrupt or inept they were. We’ve been told that the global economy has left America behind and American exceptionalism was only a myth propagated by capitalist, imperialist exploiters.

Eternal pessimist and fast-sinking Nancy Pelosi quipped Trump’s speech was about him. She has to try and keep the media focus on Trump’s tweets and childish bragging and put-downs. On the speech though, she is wrong. Barack Obama’s speeches were about how smart, progressive and morally superior he was—all about him. Trump’s speech was about Americans and their accomplishments—their greatness.

Trump, uncharacteristically, didn’t lambaste the Democrats and their fake-news media sycophants either. For him this was a coming out and a coming of age. It was a metamorphosis from a caricature candidate to a president who may turn out to be one the greats.

Once again, we saw ourselves for who we really were: hard-working, decent, honest, capable and God-fearing Americans whose best days were still on the horizon. Yes, Americans are dreamers too. America’s promise and greatness are not exclusively in the past.

It OK to believe again. The best is still yet to come.


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