Movie Review: Someone Like You

Mar 26, 2024 at 05:32 pm by Bethany Bowman

With her newest movie, Someone Like You, fans of Karen Kingsbury’s movies and books are in for the treat of their lives. While her books have been put to film on many occasions, this is the first time that her new production company, Karen Kingsbury Productions, has released a movie completely on its own.

Kingsbury advised, “While I was very thankful (for the other movies) it was never the movie that God put in my heart.”

The only way for her to make that happen was to finance and produce everything. From cinematography (which is breathtaking) to wardrobe and locations, they are all things that Kingsbury chose.

“Everything went right and (the movie) was complete in 25 days. We prayed for wisdom and favor, and we got it,” she reported.

While I normally preview new artists and their music, I was more than intrigued when I found out that the inspirational Someone Like You was shot in the storyteller’s home state of Tennessee, featuring scenes from Franklin and Nashville and nearby Alabama.

Someone Like You is an achingly beautiful redemptive love story that centers on architect Dawson Gage (Jake Allyn) who fell in love with London Quinn (Sarah Fisher) in high school, even though she told him not to. Ten years later, the two are still only best friends when tragedy strikes. Now, the grieving Dawson is compelled to do one final act of love for London. He launches an impossible search for her secret twin Andi Allen, (also played by Sarah Fisher), twins who were separated as embryos. When Andi learns this, her world is rocked as she feels betrayed by her non-biological parents. However, Dawson never planned to fall in love.

The stars were out in full force on the night of the premiere at the Franklin Theatre, all singing Kingsbury’s praises.

Danica McKellar (Hallmark, The Wonder Years) said, “It’s a beautiful movie. Even with the loss of a child, you can find strength, through faith, through God, and the support of your family.”

Amy Grant and Vince Gill were on hand to support their creative friend. Grant stated, “Vince and I want to support this movie and the arts. Karen Kingsbury has gone all the way. It’s important for us all to support the arts. This combination of being at Franklin Theatre, it feels like the best of being in a small town. And that is what Franklin is.”

When Vince Gill found out that Micheal W. Smith was there to support his son, Tyler Smith who scored the music, he added, “I am excited to hear the music. Nashville has popped up as a great city in which to make movies. It’s great for the town.”

Michael W. Smith said of his son Tyler, “This guy who can run circles around me on the piano has taken to the beautiful art of scoring films. He did an amazing job. There is definitely a bug for filmmaking in Nashville.”

Fox News host Shannon Breams shared, “I love all her books, they are so encouraging but there is always a message. This movie has such a redemptive, gorgeous message. Bring your tissues, you’re going to need them.”

Shay Mooney (Dan & Shay) was there with his wife. “I am a fan of her work and her as a person. I am excited to see this movie tonight. Nashville is getting credit for movie production. Nashville is such a small community. Everybody supports each other. As writers, we are all trying to be as eloquent as Karen Kingsbury.”

Christian artist Matthew West confirmed, “I’ve been friends with Karen for years, she’s always been a big supporter of mine with my music and we just struck up a friendship and I just have such a respect and admiration for her creative vision. And when she does something she does it to excellence and so, this movie’s going to be incredible.”

Rory Feeks proclaimed, “Karen Kingsbury shares Jesus with the world and I admire that.”

Kingsbury and her family have put their heart and soul into this film. However, she wants the movie to stand on its merit alone, regardless of whether it is labeled “Christian” or not.  Her son, Tyler Russell directed Someone Like You.

Russell stated, “I’m so proud of [this movie], so proud of all the work that everyone put in. We had an amazing crew and cast. We made the movie in 24 days. It was a beautiful process. Our goal was to make something with excellence and to love on the cast and the crew as best as we could. The movie is what we are making but if people feel loved in the process, they feel seen, that’s really what matters at the end of the day.”

Actors Jake Allyn and Sarah Fisher’s chemistry was off the charts. And Lynn Collins, playing London Quinn’s mother, Louise, had some Oscar-worthy scenes.

Initially, I was confused by who played London Quinn and who played Andi Allen. I was duly impressed when Sarah Fisher told me she played both parts.

Fisher explained, “To bring one of her amazing three-dimensional characters to life is such an honor. But to do that twice (playing two parts) is such an exciting challenge for me. To be able to bring two characters to life was a joy. And Tyler (Russell) was incredible to me as an actor by helping when we were going back and forth playing Andi and London on location in Alabama, that we didn’t fold over, even down to the laugh.”

She continued, “Karen is so amazing. She is talented, so giving, so kind. It was such an honor to work with her.”

Besides the movie, Someone Like You which hits theaters on April 2nd, Kingsbury’s book series “The Baxters” has been picked up by Amazon Prime and will start streaming March 28th.

Roma Downy (Touched By An Angel) stars in The Baxters and was also on hand at the premiere to support her friend.

 “I fell in love with the book series as a fan and am happy to produce and stepped into the role of Elizabeth Baxter, the matriarch. It’s a family drama and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. It has all the trials and tribulations that any family might have. But they are a family of faith and when life brings them to their knees,” she recounted. “I am here because I am the #1 Karen Kingsbury fan. I’m so proud to wave the flag on her behalf.”

Also on hand was The Baxter’s star Cassidy Gifford who plays Reagan Decker now lives in Nashville with her husband and baby. Her mother Kathie Lee Gifford resides in Nashville as well. “People are so nice, here. It’s just a whole different ballgame. I am here tonight to support Karen who I love with all my heart. She is such an inspiring woman, creative, and works so hard. I’m honored to be here to support her.”

Like all of Karen Kingsbury’s creations, The Baxters is an inspiring family drama that you will want to add to your watch list. You can watch The Baxters on Amazon Prime starting March 28.

Karen Kingsbury's books and movies have often been compared to Nicholas Sparks’ works. But with Kingsbury’s creations, the difference is redemption. You know the final scene is not the end.

Someone Like You is available in theaters starting April 2nd.

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