Ty Herndon Releases the Deluxe Edition of ‘Jacob’

Dec 17, 2023 at 06:44 pm by Bethany Bowman

Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning country artist Ty Herndon released the deluxe edition of his highly acclaimed album, Jacob. This expanded edition introduces two brand-new tracks, "Love Me Anyway" and "How You Get to Heaven," alongside reimagined versions of four tracks from the original record.

The original album, released in July 2022, paved the way for an extraordinary journey that led to the emergence of two chart-topping radio singles, the irresistible "Till You Get There" and the duet "Dents on a Chevy" with five-time CCMA Female Vocalist of the Year, Terri Clark.

Jacob is the culmination of a life of hard-fought struggles and hard-won triumphs. His most personal album to date, Herndon invites listeners to go with him from darkness to light – a trip he has taken in both directions. With each song based on experiences from his own life – part country, part rock, part gospel – but all Ty Herndon – the country luminary has captured the pain, sorrow, and redemption that are universal to the human experience. Herndon derived the album title from the Biblical Old Testament figure, Jacob, who dealt with severe challenges and mistakes before rising to become a leader of his tribe.

Herndon burst onto the scene and made his chart debut in 1995 with the hit single "What Mattered Most," which became his first Number One song and garnered a Song of the Year award (Music Row Magazine). It was also the title track to his first album, which debuted on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and had the biggest first-week shipment in the history of Epic Records Nashville.

Since his start in the 1990s, the country singer/songwriter has experienced the highs and lows and all that is entailed in the competitive music industry, but luckily for us, he has come out on the stronger side of his exceptional journey.

“[Life] is going to have twists and turns. You won't know where you are going till you get there. You have to trust that God is going to handle it,” he explained.

In his song “Love Me Anyway” he reconciles what he was taught growing up to what he knows to be true now as an adult.

He stated, “I just try to write and sing music today that truly feeds my own spirit because it's a healer for me.” And the music that heals him will heal others as well.

Last year when I heard Jacob for the first time, a song that struck a chord was “God Or The Gun.” I have never experienced such devastating depression. With lyrics Is it God or the gun/Staring down the barrel looking up/ You only get to pick one/ I prayed until my heart was numb/ There was an angel/ Making a phone call/ Living room floor's where/ I got my miracle you know because God intervened, Ty Herndon is with us today. In the deluxe edition of the song, he teamed up with Destiny Rambo Khouri to bring us a truly exceptional rendition that is sure to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

In "How You Get to Heaven," Herndon reflects on the values and beliefs instilled in him, emphasizing the importance of living one's faith every day, rather than confining it to Sunday worship. The song's heartfelt lyrics deliver a message of love, acceptance, and generosity, urging listeners to prioritize kindness and compassion toward others.

Still with all the trauma Herndon has experienced, he hasn’t forgotten how to have a good time with his reimagined Synthe version of “Dents On a Chevy” with Terri Clark. The original was the favorite off the record and this newer version takes that fun-o-meter to the next level.

However, the one song that defines Herndon most on the album is “Hallelujah.” He advised, “I recorded that song before I met my husband and when I wrote it, I knew it was going to be for somebody special.” Recorded in just one take, the song signifies just how far he has come in his journey of self-discovery.

Never before I have encountered an album that so completely encompasses life’s wide array of emotions like Jacob. As he chronicles new parts of his life never before shared, the music plots a path to where Herndon finds himself today – a destination marked by recovery, inner strength, and peace. No matter what you’ve gone through or where you are going, you will find songs that you can relate to, that move you, that heal you on Jacob (Deluxe Edition).

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blog, Instagram, Threads, and X (Twitter).

JACOB (Deluxe Edition) Track List:
1. “Love Me Anyway” (Ty Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Jimmy Thow)
2. “How You Get to Heaven” (Jamie Floyd, Ken McMeans)
3. “Till You Get There” (Ty Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Erik Halbig, and Jimmy Thow)
4. “Dents on a Chevy” duet with Terri Clark (Ty Herndon, Starner Jones, Leslie Satcher, and Will Robinson)
5. “God or the Gun” (Ty Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Erik Halbig, and Hector Montenegro)
6. “Standing in the Whiskey” (Ty Herndon, Jamie Floyd, and Erik Halbig)
7. “Fighting With Me” feat. Emily West (Erik Halbig and Emily West)
8. “Say It For You” feat. Wendy Moten (Ty Herndon, Hector Montenegro, and Khiana Noel Meyer)
9. “Lean In” duet with Jamie Floyd (Ty Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Erik Halbig, and Hector Montenegro)
10. “Sleeping With a Stranger” (Ty Herndon and Hector Montenegro)
11. “Landslide” duet with Shelly Fairchild (Ty Herndon, Erik Halbig, and Morgan Myles)
12. “Hallelujah” (Ty Herndon, Hector Montenegro, Joshua Nichols, Christina Elizabeth Tripp)
13. “Damn Good Feeling” (Ty Herndon, Shelly Fairchild, and Hector Montenegro)
14. “Till You Get There (Organic Version)”
15. “God or the Gun (Divine Version)” feat. Destiny Rambo Khouri
16. “Standing in the Whiskey (Double Shot Version)”
17. “Dents on a Chevy (2 Red Lights Remix)” duet with Terri Clark

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