Jenny Tolman Releases New Music

Sep 29, 2023 at 04:00 am by Bethany Bowman

In March of 2022, I featured Jenny Tolman in my column as she was releasing her sophomore album and was on the cusp of getting married to GRAMMY-nominated producer Dave Brainard in Jackson, Wyoming, in a beautiful snow-covered ceremony. What we did not expect was that nine months later, Jenny and Dave would give birth to a bouncing baby boy, “Bear” Brainard.

Her songs, “Married in a Honky Tonk” and “I Know Some Cowboys” will always be two of my favorites.

While she was still pregnant, she wrote the personal, “It’s A Boy” inspired by her journey into motherhood. While Tolman often writes sassy songs, when her serious side appears, those songs are next level. Written alongside Corey Wager, Tolman advised, “I was in the middle of my pregnancy and so it was all the feelings and everything that you're going through. It was very easy to tap into at that point.”

Now in September of 2023, after a brief break to fully concentrate on motherhood, Jenny is back on the train to Jennyville, releasing more flirty music about the colorful characters from her fictitious town.

Her first track, “Right Back” is straight from Jennyville. The track embodies another one of Tolman's tongue ‘n’ cheek characters and is the perfect honky tonk tune for the ladies who are over being under-appreciated.

Now Tolman has released another single, “Rodeo Must Be A Woman,” a song she co-wrote with Craig Monday and Dave Brainard. Since getting engaged and married in Wyoming, she has developed a special love for the West and Western culture over the last few years, by touring there. From playing out at the National Western Stock Show and Cheyenne Frontier Days to The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and National Finals Rodeo (NFR), she's been blessed to make some great friends and learn about the beautiful Western heritage. This song paints the love/hate relationship that the lover of the rodeo cowboy has towards the sport, and the cowboy himself. Growing up listening to Garth Brooks’ “Rodeo”, and George Strait’s “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”, Tolman thought to deliver the classic story from a female perspective. She was also honored to bring in Jenee Fleener, (4x CMA Musician of The Year), on this track for the beautiful and haunting fiddle throughout.

"Rodeo Must Be A Woman" will be released just one week before Tolman hosts the second annual Cowgirls at The Cowboy festival in Jackson, Wyoming, where she will be hosting and performing at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar October 6-8.

"I’m so grateful to be presenting Cowgirls at The Cowboy music festival with The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for our second year in a row. Getting to celebrate and bring some of the most talented and legendary women in country music to Jackson Hole is a huge honor. The Cowboy has such a special place in my heart, along with the people of Jackson, so I can’t wait for them to experience the magic of Lauren [Alaina], Tigirlily Gold, Deana [Carter], and Ashley [Monroe], for themselves!" Tolman exclaimed.

Not only that, Tolman has created the Road to Cowgirls at The Cowboy podcast where she features each of the named artists in a separate episode.

Now that the songstress has a wonderful husband and new baby in her life, her perspective has changed 180°. She said, “It's the best thing ever and the hardest thing ever, but he's such a blessing.” The young mother continued, “I used to get worked up about such, like, stupid small things. But now having him, like, oh, wait, none of that actually matters. You know, he's the most important thing and this is the best thing I'm ever going to do. It's him. He's the best project I'm ever going to put out.”

Jenny Tolman is a gifted songwriter and one of the most fun artists you will ever see in concert.  With her music being created alongside her producer-husband, Dave Brainard, her songs are unique and can be over-the-top fun or unexpectedly emotional. “Rodeo Must Be A Woman” falls in the latter category as it catches you off guard with its heavy, heartfelt message.

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