Levi Hummon Releases ‘Rock Bottom’

Sep 08, 2023 at 06:00 am by Bethany Bowman

Music Spotlight artist Levi Hummon has teamed up with actor and alternative pop-rocker Sam Tinnesz, to bring us his latest single, “Rock Bottom.”

Hummon, a native Nashvillian is now 32. He was signed to Big Machine Records in his early 20s and has had a decade of putting out music and touring.

He explained, “Even though I started young, I feel like multiple lifetimes have passed to bring me to my current situation.”

The son of Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Marcus Hummon, Levi states that he writes music about his current emotional state and where is at in his actual life.

“A lot of my songs tell real stories about relationships, heartbreak, falling in love, that are genuine to my actual story,” he advised.

In the four years since I last spoke to Hummon, quite a bit has changed in his life. Two of the biggest changes include the volatile pandemic and the emergence of TikTok.

He has written several breakup-type songs including his recent release “Good Riddance” and a viral duet done with one and only Walker Hayes entitled, “Paying For It.” With a good dose of humor, the tune pokes fun at other ways a breakup can be bad, besides just ending a relationship.

Hummon expounded, “There's a lot of people in this world who went through a pandemic love story. When you meet somebody as the world's kind of slowing down, your perception of this person is one way, and then kind of as the world opens back up you get to meet them in a new way and sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn't.” He continued, “I've always been very public with my life and in my relationships. So, if anybody's ever curious about what I'm doing, just go check out my Instagram.”

Now, his newest song with Sam Tinnesz, “Rock Bottom” is along the same lines. He confirmed, “The theme of my life has always been kind of poking fun at heartbreak and making heartbreak fun.” This new release encompasses that perfectly.

Written at a writers’ retreat in Gatlinburg after “one too many” moonshine shots, the song really ended up having more of a rock vibe than country. He enlisted his pal, the platinum-selling artist, Sam Tinnesz, to accompany him on the new song.

With lyrics like Hey, rock bottom ain’t so bad/ One sip from a half-full glass/ Never seen it all so clear/ It’s only looking up from here Hummon has learned not to take himself/life so seriously.

He evoked, “The song was something we put together that was fun and blends a lot of different influences from my life, which is heavy in the pop/punk/rock world and then also in the country world.”

Now that Hummon has nearly 800,000 TikTok followers, he has a worldwide fanbase. It’s free marketing and he doesn’t take it for granted. “It’s free to find new fans and I feel like it’s a special place to be,” he stated.

Hummon recently signed with Jonas Group Entertainment (JGE) when they opened on Music Row in Nashville earlier this year. The company’s founder, Kevin Jonas, Sr., established the firm while managing his sons, the multi-platinum-selling Jonas Brothers.

Now, JGE is led by Chief Executive Officer, Phil Guerini, who has amassed more than 25 years of experience across three divisions and five businesses at The Walt Disney Company including Radio Disney.  

JGE is the perfect fit for an artist like Levi Hummon who does not want to be pigeon-holed into one style of music.

“We have some really special announcements coming with them that we’ve been working on for the last seven months, getting ready for some big releases. Besides ‘Rock Bottom,’ we have a lot of new music in our back pockets as well,” Hummon teased.

He recently recorded three new songs at the famed Blackbird Studio and is super excited for his fans to hear his new music.

Be sure to follow Hummon’s website to find out where you see him live and follow his socials to keep up with him and his forthcoming new music.

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