Problems Faced By Inter-Caste Marriage

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OPNION SUBMITTED TO MURFREESBORO VOICE: Inter-caste marriage is defined as a situation in which people marry outside of their family circles, a move that comes with its own set of issues. Inter-caste love marriage problems are severe when your parents refuse to approve your wedding, and you have lost hope that you will lose your loved one for the rest of your life. This is an unfortunate situation that no one can understand. 

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What types of Problems are faced by Inter-caste marriages? 

Various issues arise in inter-caste marriage because the partners belong to different castes. Here are some of the significant differences: 

  • Food habits 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Language barriers 
  • Religion 
  • Financial status 
  • Living standards 
  • Traditions

Because of these differences, families and societies are always opposed to inter-caste love marriages because they understand how difficult it will be for the couple to adapt to these changes. However, if the couple is deeply in love and commits to accepting these differences, respecting them, and adapting themselves accordingly, they have a better opportunity of having a happier marriage.

Some of the major issues faced by inter-caste marriage are as follows:

Parents' and in-laws' disapproval - The most common issue couples face when marrying across caste, religion, or state lines is stern parental disapproval and social criticism. It is challenging to adjust to in-laws. It can sometimes create a horrible situation in family life and disrupt family peace. It may result in cases such as the sudden death of the mother-in-law and father-in-law. It is challenging to obtain love, affection, and cooperation from family members during a family crisis.

Psychological issue - Such marriages are always founded on romantic love. If the husband and wife's dreams do not come true, or if they cannot adjust in terms of culture, attitude, and religious practices, they blame each other for their incompatibility and become frustrated.

Family life instability - This type of marriage is more likely to end in divorce. According to Elliot and Merrill, divorces are unavoidable due to a romantic wedding. As a result of differences in interest and attitude, it becomes challenging to lead a stable family life by achieving marital harmony. Increased divorce rates result in various criminal activities such as molestation, sexual trafficking, and even teasing against women by evil people, resulting in the creation of a prostitution problem in society.

Children's and other sibling issues in the family - Religion and culture Differences between parents make it difficult for the child to adopt a particular religion. Because society does not recognize this type of marriage, it also causes marital problems for children and siblings. Children are frequently deprived of their in-laws' love and affection.

Couple responsibilities - The couple must shoulder all financial and household responsibilities. They cannot rely on their parents or in-laws for assistance. They may even forbid inheriting paternal property.

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