Kimberly Dawn Releases New Song for the Holidays, ‘Life Changing’

Dec 01, 2022 at 08:19 am by Bethany Bowman

Music Spotlight artist Kimberly Dawn has always been a huge fan of Christmas and Christmas music. In fact, in 2015, she released a full album, Christmas on My Mind, comprised of 13 songs, seven of which she wrote or co-wrote.

She told me, “I love Christmas and writing Christmas songs.”

And Dawn’s most recently penned Christmas tune, “Life Changing” is her most personal and may be the best she has ever written. Her third career Christmas single to be released, Kimberly wrote "Life Changing” alongside Brian Lavoy Payne and Grammy Nominated producer, Kent Wells. 

“Whenever I put out music, I want to be able to put out something that when people listen to it, they feel something,” she explained.

The song explores the more serious side of the Christmas season as it is thought-provoking, not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

She agreed, “What can you do to change someone’s life? Even if it’s something as easy as smiling or saying ‘Hello’ to somebody. You never know what someone is going through. We’re not walking around with signs telling people what we are going through. Every day we should think about ‘How can I change someone’s life for the better?’”

She continued, “We should give people (in our lives) grace. You don’t know what happened just before you came in that door to eat a meal.”

The holidays always bring people together. Our differences seem so small during this time of reflection, celebrating our gifts and the future to come. Dawn has a sensitive heart and the idea for the song came from her life experiences as she tends to take on others’ pain and sadness.

“I’m a fixer and I try to fix everything. I realize I can’t fix the world but doing one act of kindness can change someone’s life for the better.

Dawn describes this feeling through her newest single, “Life Changing.” With its soft instrumentation, this tune perfectly matches the thoughtful lyrics, creating the perfect combination to bring Christmas joy to the audience. Her smooth vocals beautifully reinforce, especially during the holiday season, that we all would like to make the world a better place.

With the lyrics What can I give/ What actions can I take to be Life Changing/ Make this world a better place/ Life Changing/ Show somebody else some grace, the song relays a message that we all need in a beautiful, simplistic way.

As a NAMI Ambassador, her goal was to “write a song that emulated acts of kindness and make people think about what they can do to be kind. And while many are excited to celebrate the Holiday Season, for others, it’s a lot of heartache and very painful. We need to be aware of that as we are out shopping and celebrating that a lot of people don’t have family around and they might be alone.

I have highlighted Kimberly Dawn’s new Christmas song not only because it is heartfelt and created with the utmost elegance and artistry but because its message is so important. You can listen to “Life Changing” on your favorite music platform here.

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Bethany Bowman is a freelance entertainment writer. You can follow her blogInstagram, and Twitter.

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