Rocky: From Rejection, to Reclamation, Restoration, and Reward

Aug 24, 2022 at 09:51 pm by Paulette Jackson

It is 1975, in Philadelphia, PA. Being a student at Philadelphia College of the Bible, just blocks away the Art Museum, I had the experience, to climb and stand on the same steps, Sylvester Stallone climbed and stood on, while making the movie …. Rocky.

A block buster movie, the story, in case you haven’t seen it, is about an apparently, conscientious and determined young man, in spite of his history, where limited opportunities and resources for success were only made possible, by being a member and fighter at the local boxing club, as well as being a debt collector for mobster connections.

But it was these two unlikely places that, brought miraculous gifts of connection; a friend, Paulie, who supported his boxing, and a love relationship with Adrienne, a young woman, Paulie’s sister. And the relationship between them, brought connection, strength, stability and trust…. creating a world of respect, care and commitment.

I appreciate the values presented in the film, working together and honoring each other, to be able to sustain the self and relationships; that of vulnerability, genuineness, honesty, commitment, trust, and respect in relationship.

It seems in our culture, we have lost the skills or been unwilling to establish and sustain loving relationships. With divorce in the U.S. being 750,000 per year, the statistics reveals 1 in 4 children are without a biological father, step or adoptive father at home. (

Additionally, we also have been fed, withheld or minimized information, regarding outcomes of changing one’s sexual identity.

If interested, Ryan Anderson, a former visiting fellow at the Devos Center, is a researcher and contributing information about marriage, bioethics, religious liberty, political philosophy, and identifying issues of changing sexual identity.

The movie, Rocky, is one of my favorites. I am inspired by the values, that encourages us to accept the work in our family and friend relationships: to respect each other, to turn toward each other, to solve issues and problems together, to be sensitive to our partners, family and close friends, to care and love each other with gentleness.

It is an ongoing work, to learn to examine ourselves and the way we communicate and care, as well as, love deeply, with gratitude, for the loved ones in our lives.

Often, I hear individuals or couples speak about the difficulties with their partners. Talking together in a caring way to address issues can be extremely difficult. But learning to talk to each other with tenderness and caring, can be helpful and meaningful. It takes practice, for sure. Practicing speaking with our partner in a caring way, we can begin to help us learn how to repair issues better, and love each other more deeply.

It’s like Rocky, Adrienne and even her brother – over time, they all grew and changed; From Rejection, to Reclamation, Restoration, and Reward.

It calls us to focus, and requires us to learn to understand and show empathy toward each other, regarding our different make-ups and upbringing.

As husbands and wives, I think Neal Diamond identifies the artistry of couplehood and marital oneness beautifully.

You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the words, I am the tune
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