'Hope Lives in Hohenwald' Documentary Gains Exposure

Jun 13, 2022 at 10:32 am by Voice Wire

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — SHATTERED LIVES, FAMILY AND FRIENDS DYING, motivated the people in a rural Middle Tennessee community to decide “enough is enough” as drugs and alcohol took a heavy toll. They united local law enforcement, pastors, ministries of Hohenwald and Lewis County, when churches came together — they prayed — they were unified — they held a rally in fall 2021, walking through downtown with determination that “Hope Lives in Hohenwald.” It has led to miraculous changes.

Kerry Pharr, founder of In Your Corner Ministries and former professional boxing trainer, manager, and promoter, has produced a documentary, “Hope Lives in Hohenwald,” the story of how 12 churches in one city found the courage to become the frontline in the current war on drugs. Presented by In Your Corner Ministries, a short trailer is available at www.hopedealermovie.com.

Hohenwald, Tennessee is a city with a population of 3,813 in 2019. Lewis County, one of the state’s smaller counties, had a population of 12,656 in 2021.

“It’s everywhere. It’s every family. It’s every demographic. It’s everything,” said Judge Mike Hinson, Lewis County General Sessions, discussing the impact and how it’s had no boundaries. “… Everybody deserves a chance. Everybody has problems. … Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen people who shouldn’t be alive — they’re alive.”

The film has been shown in the Tennessee State legislature, shared with multiple rehab facilities, ministries, churches and recovery centers, and picked up by media including the Indianapolis, Indiana, Fox TV affiliate, nationally by NRB TV, and internationally by the Daystar TV network. Additionally, the film has won three best documentary awards at Christian Film Festivals since its’ launch in April 2022.

For more information, contact Pharr by calling 615-415-0504 or email kwpharr@gmail.com.


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