Wooden Goody’s Provides High-Quality Pet Kennels

Jun 01, 2022 at 01:10 pm by Justin Stokes


For pet owners, kennels are a useful item when one’s furry friends need to be stowed away. As useful as they may be, such furnishings can look out of place with the rest of a home’s decor. Such kennels can look cheap, partly from their construction of materials like plastic, nylon, or even metal wiring. Lacking in both form and function, cheaply made kennels may not last as long as they’re intended.

Kennels made from stronger materials present an entirely different story. Wood, for instance, can provide a look and durability bound to please buyers. In Middle Tennessee, kennel maker Wooden Goody’s is supplying the local market with such pet crates.

The business is owned by entrepreneur Monteon (Monte) Jones, who builds kennels that look and perform like other pieces of furniture. A native Tennessean, Monte moved to Rutherford County as a teen. “I’m originally from Nashville,” Monte tells Murfreesboro Voice. “I later bought a house in Murfreesboro as an adult.”

Moving to Murfreesboro gave Monte the space he needed to start a family. A father of two teenage kids, Monte’s pastimes include spending time with his son and daughter, exploring the outdoors, and helping others where he can.

In 2014, Monte picked up the hobby of woodworking as a means to relieve stress. Delving into woodworking, Monte’s imagination sparked with one idea after another of what he could make in his garage. While Monte tells Murfreesboro Voice that he had several great ideas, the idea of building wooden dog kennels stood apart from the rest. A pet lover himself, Monte was disappointed with many of the pet kennels that he would see on the market. Knowing he could do better, Monte put his creative skills to the test.

“Previously, I had made tables out of pallet wood. I thought a dog kennel could be something different,” he recalls of the first kennel he made.

Making the first kennel for himself, Monte was proud of his work. He posted pictures of the kennel to a Facebook group for Mt. Juliet residents. Impressed with his work, strangers started reaching out to Monte to inquire about purchasing their own kennels. After that initial batch of order inquiries, Monte knew that he was onto something.

“I got better and better as I was making them. Eventually, I came up with my own little style and technique. This helps buyers to recognize one of my kennels instantly when they see it,” Monte says. 

The concept of Wooden Goody’s was hatched in late 2015 and launched in Feb 2016. Monte was encouraged to go into business for himself after considering what legacy he’d like to leave for his children. Since then, Monte has been making a variety of items for a rabid customer base.

“The business has grown in leaps and bounds. We’re currently on a 12 week waiting list for products, as there are just so many orders to fill,” Monte says. He adds, “I’m grateful to have built a name for my work.”

For Wooden Goody’s products, Monte is partial to pine wood. “Pine is ideal for dog kennels,” he explains. “It’s light, it’s inexpensive, and you can pick it up in a lot of places.”

Monte says that pine also gives his products a rustic look, which complements the homes of many Wooden Goody’s customers.

The business has been supplying the area with wooden kennels for the last five years. But as its name suggests, anything made of wood can be a “wooden goody.”

Monte says, “We can make just about anything our main products are pet furnishings but we also make kitchen tables and other household items.” Along with the type of product, Monte’s skill sets have expanded as well. Recently, he’s been experimenting with pouring epoxy resin into some of his wooden furniture pieces. This resin has become a popular video subject on social media over the last few years due to its ability to replicate a colorful glass look.

While he can’t reveal too many details, Monte’s future as a woodworker looks pretty bright. Wooden Goody’s has filled orders for notable celebrities. The business is scheduled to be featured on a nationally broadcast television show. 

Monte’s work is also branching out. Instead of just building wooden home goods, he’s looking to build entire homes.

He says, “I’m planning to build a tiny home community on 12 acres I purchased years ago in Holladay, TN. This will be a fun project, and anyone wanting to follow it is advised to follow Wooden Goody’s Facebook page.”

For further information about Wooden Goody’s, be sure to visit its website and social media.

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