Artist Brian Somerville Unveils 'To Tame A Beast' Germantown Sculpture

May 03, 2022 at 04:25 pm by Voice Wire


“Brian Somerville is a brilliant and imaginative artist. He is a meticulous artist with a keen attention to detail and quality. We are proud to say that he helped us make OZ Arts Nashville the destination that it is today with his wonderful sculptures in our outdoor spaces.”

Tim Ozgener

Co-founder & President - OZ Arts Nashville

“Brian Somerville is an amazing talent. He has sculpted sets and characters for my production designs over the years.  He can make anything better!”

-Duncan Ragsdale

Designer - Duncan Ragsdale Creative

 “Brian Somerville is one of the most original creatives working in Nashville today. The boundaries of his imagination are limitless because of his exceptional ability to craft those ideas into three dimensional objects. His work is surprising, thought provoking, and entertaining.”

Mary Grissim

Curator - Nashville International Airport

NASHVILLE, TN For professional fabrication artist and sculptor Brian Somerville, creativity is a wild animal. It’s one that can’t be kept behind four walls, and demands to be exposed to the fresh air. Brian, a graduate of the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville’s Periscope program, has been making art for public and private collections for almost 20 years.

Now, Brian’s art is leaping out of the traditional gallery space and into a more experimental exhibition venue. His latest work—which is entitled, “To Tame A Beast”—will be the centerpiece of the sculpture garden for the Historic Germantown Neighborhood Association. The garden (located at 1213 7th Avenue), will be the new home for “To Tame A Beast.” This sculpture will be the first in a series of different art pieces planned to populate the garden. 

The sculpture is Brian’s original concept, which symbolizes the story arc of an artist’s life. “To Tame A Beast” is both a self-contained narrative and another piece in Brian’s schematics for a fantasy-themed “Epiclog Island” immersive art project. 

Brian explains the meaning behind each element of the installation thusly. “The rhino is the beast-like innocence of childhood, roaming for meaning. The ship is the adventurous beginnings of an art career, built for purpose and given direction. The tree is middle age’s laying down of roots, letting the world come to it for stability and consistency. The lighthouse represents hope, teaching, and the inclination to give back to those starting out in the world of art.”

Accompanying the project’s multi-faceted design is an equally eclectic mix of materials, including metal, foam, fiberglass, epoxy, and concrete. 

Standing at 12-feet tall, “To Tame A Beast” is a monumental public art installation. 

“The height of this project is really a sweet spot for my work,” Brian explains. “Smaller work doesn’t always have the impact that I’d like. Something too big becomes difficult to move. ‘To Tame A Beast’ is big enough to command the viewer’s attention, but also allow me to cover the installation with its own geography of detail.”

Brian is still pursuing conventional showcase opportunities. However, with this latest project, he wants to branch out into alternative spaces, like music festivals, tattoo parlors, hospitality spaces, and theme parks. The goal of this new line of work is to create art that can be leased to different locations so that it may be enjoyed by many more peoplesome of whom might not visit a convention art gallery.

From previous works, Brian learned the power of making interactive works. That experience will be carried over into the creation of “To Tame A Beast.”

Brian says, “I hope to include some moving parts, working LED lights, and hidden compartments into this sculpture. I also want to make this work as a spot for geocaching and scavenger hunts.”

“Germantown is a vibrant community that’s growing in many different ways. The Public Art Committee is making an honest attempt to improve their community with art by supporting local artists,” Brian says. 

Additional details about “To Tame A Beast” will be announced publicly. For further information about the art of Brian Somerville, be sure to visit his website and social media. 

About the Artist:

Brian Somerville is a professional fabrication artist and sculptor based in Nashville. Brian’s career has a foot in both the commercial and artistic world. His studio—The Grit Shop LLC—is recognized throughout the state through its adventurous collaborations with designers and other artists. Recent clients for The Grit Shop LLC include Duncan Ragsdale Creative, Herb Williams, Otherworld Entertainment, Playce Maker, MadeFirst, OZ Arts, Tuck-Hinton Architecture and Design, Merrill Construction Group, The Escape Game, Camp Digital Productions, and Up to Parr Productions. His narrative sculptures are intricately layered with humor and symbolism pertaining to human relationships and the beast within us all. 

Brian lives in Burns, Tennessee, with his wife and three sons.