Gun recovered at Riverdale High School basketball game

Feb 10, 2022 at 10:37 pm by Lisa Marchesoni

 School resource officers quickly recovered a loaded handgun from a 16-year-old former Riverdale High School student during a basketball game Tuesday at the school, said Sheriff’s SRO Capt. Brad Harrison.

Administrators and officers noticed the former student, who was prohibited from Riverdale’s campus, had snuck into the ballgame, the captain said. SRO Dallen Miller removed him from the game.

 “SRO Miller noticed the student’s hand in his pocket and retrieved a pistol from him that was loaded,” Harrison said. “SRO Anthony Bragg assisted. The former student told Miller he had built a rapport with him so he didn’t resist.”

Miller charged the former student with carrying a weapon on school property. He was taken to Juvenile Detention where a hearing is pending in Juvenile Court.

 Director Bill Spurlock of Rutherford County Schools said the student will also be expelled from attending any Rutherford County School under the Zero Tolerance policy.

 “School safety is our top priority, and we are grateful for the quick actions of our school resource officers for identifying a potential threat and handling it in a safe and swift manner,” Spurlock said. “We want parents to know we take these situations seriously and work closely with the sheriff’s office to maintain safe learning environments for our students and employees.”