Murfreesboro Mama: Lily Belle Boutique moves fashion forward

Feb 04, 2022 at 07:19 am by Laura Beth Payne

Katherine Quatro, creator of Lily Belle Boutique
Katherine Quatro, creator of Lily Belle Boutique

If you realized after having kids that clothes shopping was harder, raise your hand.

And if you've ever thought you'd really like to buy the FULL shirt, just wave, because, like me, you're tired of shirts being made too short, and stretching up just shows the stretch marks.

When Nashville-native Katherine Quatro had her son Maverick a year ago she was puzzled how to dress her post-baby body in cute clothes that were also comfortable. Channeling her experience in the hospitality industry with her interest in fashion, she decided on creating her own boutique. Then, when a brick and mortar storefront seemed out of reach, a bus was the next logical option.

"I am a part of a group of boutique owners and saw that some boutique owners were converting trailers, buses, and box trucks into mobile boutiques," she says "I loved this idea! I started researching and looking to purchase a bus. A lot of available ones were all out of state and I figured it might be a year or two before I found one. Then in November 2021, a friend sent me a link to a bus in Murfreesboro and I was thrilled! This bus was only 2 minutes from my parent's house. So, on November 8th, I bought a bus and started this journey."

Named for Quatro's grandmother Donna Belle who imparted her love for sewing and fashion to her granddaughter, the bus boutique showcases designs by WhiteMark, BABE, RollaSole, and JadyK to name a few, with the emphasis being on soft, comfortable, and stylish looks; from lounge wear to dress up, from totes to shades.

"[My target audience is] women who want the other half of the shirt, no matter size or shape," Quatro says. "We carry sizes S-3XL because everyone deserves to feel cute and classy. After having my son, I had no clue how to dress my post-baby body and I still wanted to look and feel cute. So with Lily Belle I make it my mission to help women feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident in their skin."

Little looks include sleepers, head bands, teething toys, and some of the most adorable socks on the market. 

While shopping is best done-- and most fun-- on the bus itself (which is available for booking), shoppers can also order all the cute looks online at Sign up for deals and discounts on email.

Ready to shop? Lily Belle the Bus officially revs up this Saturday, February 5th with a grand opening celebration in front of Through the Grapevine at 630 Broadmore Boulevard in Murfreesboro from 2-4 p.m. The bus, stuffed full with adorable designs for women and kids, will be open for perusal, and all guests can partake of goodies and giveaways including a photo booth, desserts from Simply Southern Sweets Truck, and a mimosa and mockmosa bar. See the details here, and follow the Lily Belle Boutique on Facebook


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