Must See Movie of the Week: RESPECT: The Aretha Franklin Movie

Oct 01, 2021 at 12:00 pm by Cynthialynn Jones

Jennifer Hudson belts out the iconic hits that made Aretha Franklin an iconic household name with extraordinary thunder, knocking viewers out of their seats. It however also follows the childhood of the late singer through child rape, two pregnancies under the age of 15, an abusive father, marriage failures, spousal abuse, severe depression, anxiety, and probably being bipolar, which are extremely violent scenes that are difficult to watch.

If one thinks Ms. Franklin had an easy road to travel, you would be incorrect.

The movie goes back and forth in time introducing viewers to what seems to be a young loving family with a distant mother and a father who is a preacher, and also a drinker, and a womanizer. However, all seems okay with his lifestyle choices, until someone is not.

Prior to and after viewing the film, I researched Franklin’s life, and after doing so, the research filled in blanks the movie left out, probably due to time. Franklin was a civil rights activist till her death, and this side story could have been two movies all in itself.

This is an adult movie with adult themes and not appropriate for younger viewers, but worth a conversation. Hudson is certain to see Oscar action from this film, as her performance was nothing less than brilliant.

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