Will History Repeat Itself?

Aug 06, 2021 at 09:00 am by FBIinformant

A Civil War encampment

If Republican Party leaders don't get their heads screwed on straight about the COVID-19 pandemic and a great many other issues in America today, we may see history repeat itself.

Republican governors will not be able to silence the wailing of the dying in their states due to the Delta variant surge. I hope it doesn’t get that bad, but this pandemic isn’t under anyone’s control.

At some point, out of human decency, the United States government may have to put its foot down in these rouge states.

Personally, experiencing the insanity of Rutherford County Republicans over the past nine years myself, I would not be surprised if it takes the deployment of federal troops to Red States and other Republican enclaves to stop their political horseshit.

Given the clearly demonstrated stupidity of Florida and Texas governors, direct federal action may be required to save American lives! Of course, that extreme can be avoided if these Republican leaders would simply cooperate instead of promoting debunked conspiracy theories to hide the truth. When too many Americans are dying, something will have to give.

Tennessee, get vaccinated and put your mask on!

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I hear Venezuela is great for your ilk. Take off.
Viking2000 - Sounds like you know an awful lot about Venezuela, maybe you should go their. FYI: Do you know what happens when you drink too much Republican Kool-Aid? Answer - You start farting conspiracy theories! Just ask Mike Lindell at MyPillow. I suggested to Mike that his company offer a 'ConspiracyPillow' for Republicans to cry on when Donald Trump goes to prison.
I wish you would learn to write with an educated mind giving proof and statistics rather than your hate speech and foul language. You are only spreading false news based on your lack of education. Furthermore, your language is proof of your limited vocabulary and your extraordinary need for attention. You obviously fail to stand on your own merits by not giving your name, rather you hide behind a false identity. Your writing here is just wagging the dog. Come up with your own material and maybe we could listen.
CJones - I wish you would stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Or continue to drink the Kool-Aid and watch history repeat itself. What is absolutely clear to everyone outside of the Republican Party, is it will very likely take federal intervention to clear up the mess from the most corrupt government in Rutherford County history. The truth stands on it own, you can attack the messenger all you want. The truth won't change to make you feel better.
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