Pull into Taco Garage on Dec. 11

Nov 30, 2017 at 01:56 pm by Voice Wire

Murfreesboro's newest taco joint, Taco Garage, is joining The Boro's sizzling restaurant scene with a fast-casual dining experience — with tacos made your way — on Monday, Dec. 11.

Taco Garage is owned and operated by the Story family of Murfreesboro. Here's the story on the new restaurant: Taco Garage ain't no fancy-schmancy taco spot.

Rick Story started out as a commercial builder, and he has been based in Nashville and building restaurants from coast to coast for 30 years.

He worked for companies like McDonald's in restaurant development and construction, and was the director of construction and development for J. Alexander's before starting Story Construction in 2006.

Story and his wife, Cindy, became Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees in 2011. Currently, they have four BWW restaurants total, with three in Alabama and one in Mississippi.

After working in the restaurant industry for more than three decades, Rick and Cindy Story noticed that most taco restaurants were set on you having your tacos their way. You just couldn't get what you wanted at a taco spot without having to make substitutions and modifications to the menu items.

Plus, the queso at most places was underwhelming, and the proteins all tasted the same.

So, they decided to take matters into their own hands.


Like many other restaurateurs of late, Cindy and Rick Story are adamant that the ingredients used in their food are fresh.

However, unlike others, the Story couple is committed to creating something that is casual and unpretentious.

And so, the concept for Taco Garage was born.

Fed up with being fed a bunch of bologna by high-end taco restaurants with long wait times and menus that read like they were in Greek, they embarked on a mission to create an uncomplicated taco joint that served up real tacos for real people that taste real good.

The idea quickly became reality as a space was located and ideas for a menu were developed.

The restaurant is located at 1911 Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro.

The Story's love the vibrant culture, community feel, and proximity to Nashville, and they are honored to be able to bring their brand to market in Murfreesboro.

When you crave tacos, you want an uncomplicated menu full of quality ingredients that are freshly prepared and served up fast. You'd also like to tell those hipster taco joints to 86 the attitude because tacos just shouldn't be rocket science.

The Taco Garage experience is casual, yet memorable, and the menu is completely customizable and easy to decipher.

Hungry yet?

Don't wait 45 minutes for tacos topped with ingredients you can't pronounce.

Pull into Taco Garage to fuel your cravings for real good, real food. Oh, and about that free chips and queso, join the Taco Garage Grub Club, and they will send you a coupon for the Grand Opening.

Visit www.LOVEtheTACO.com/queso.


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