Nashville area ranks 4th in national 'Trending Hot Spots for Corporate Headquarters Relocations'

May 04, 2021 at 09:53 am by robmtchl

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee at the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.

According to a report in there are four top places in the U.S. for corporations to relocate their offices and Middle Tennessee is one of them.

But that brings up the question: Why do businesses decide to move their corporate headquarters? It could be for any of a number of reasons. Some choose locations they believe will appeal to top talent. Other relocations closer to transportation hubs to make business travel simpler and cheaper, while still others shift locations to take advantage of attractive financial incentives like tax breaks. (But tax breaks are just the icing on the cake.)

The “why” and the “where” of recent corporate relocations. We’ll start by showing you the factors in today’s business environment that are motivating these companies to move. Then, we’ll highlight four trending U.S. destinations for corporate relocations, including who has moved recently—and why.

A relocation can make a lot of financial sense, especially when it comes to these four areas:

#1: Consolidating Multiple Locations

#2: Attracting Key Talent

#4: Easier and Cheaper Air Travel

#3: Cost of Living

#5: Financial Incentives

Why Middle Tennessee?

In 2018, U.S. News and World Reports ranked the Nashville market (Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson and Williamson counties) as one of the top 20 places to live, citing its strong job market and quality of life for its residents. Large financial companies are increasingly choosing the Nashville area, likely because the city has boasted the second-lowest costs in the country for these types of businesses. 

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