Bibles & Bitcoin: Jewel Tankard is All Things Faith and Finance

Apr 29, 2021 at 10:17 am by taiishabradley

Jewel Tankard from The Destiny Center in Murfreesboro
Jewel Tankard from The Destiny Center in Murfreesboro

Dr. Jewel Tankard fits into no one’s box! Certainly, greatness never does.

A quick glance at her portfolio reveals she is as versatile as the communities she serves. Whether pastoring at The Destiny Center in Murfreesboro alongside her husband, renowned Gospel Jazz musician Ben Tankard, co-hosting The Chatter Talk Show on Fox Soul, preparing for her upcoming Millionairess Conference, or approving edits for her latest book, Dr. Tankard remains on the cutting edge of faith and finance.

Dr. Tankard grew up wealthy, the daughter of parents who were the first Blacks to own a business in downtown Detroit. Her family enjoyed the finest of everything until losing it all when Dr. Tankard was 19. When she asked her mother about any family savings or investments, she learned that her mother was not involved in the family finances, therefore there was no safety net. 

“At that point, I made the decision to change my major and study economics. I wanted to understand how money worked. I became focused on empowering women to take control of their own finances, to follow their instinct, and to be confident in their ability to grow wealth independent of the men in their lives,” Dr. Tankard shares, 

Impassioned by the desire to see women maximize their potential, Dr. Tankard overlays biblically sound teachings with financial freedom principles to help ordinary ladies lead full and overflowing lives. 

One way Jewel accomplishes this is by sharing her wellspring of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency, which she believes are paramount for closing the wealth gap among minorities.  You can catch her taking part in money matter discussions with the Queens of Cryptocurrency Clubhouse group or tune into The Jewel Tankard Show on The Impact Network, and season 4 of Thicker Than Water coming July 2021.


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