A Southerner's Solution

Apr 21, 2021 at 11:00 am by robmtchl

In the South, we tend to believe the people closest to the work or the problem, often know best how to improve it.

That is why Southerners so fiercely believe in local action and community solutions as opposed to “Big Government” or “Washington” mandates. We believe “we the people” need people to own the solutions, rather than feel owned by them. There is no room for blame when correcting problems.

Community members and the local elected officers must jointly develop solutions.

Pushing big, top-down change is inherently slow and while it may seem “fair” it actually forces locals to conform to a set of rules that doesn’t fit the character and needs of their community. With changes at the top, policies may be reversed. Pulling small, local change is more likely to survive leadership changes and political storms which are often inflamed by self-serving media types and “echo chamber” activists. People are more likely to maintain and protect what they had a hand in building.

New leaders tend to come to office by wrapping themselves in the garb of anti-corruption reform while actively seeking to profit from public office.

In many other cases, however, new leaders are genuinely committed to anti-corruption reforms, at least initially, but once elected, they prove unable to follow through. Why? Disentangling the entrenched bureaucratic “swamp creatures” stranglehold on governmental institutions operations is a war we often send them to fight alone once elected. The knowledge of system operation is hoarded by the bureaucrats and the mission of the reformer is thwarted. So they may opt for superficial reforms or punishing individuals rather than changing systems in an attempt to keep their promises to the public.

Southerners value honor, compassion and justice.

They tend to be of the mindset where they will give you the shirt off of their owns backs if you are in need. But, don’t try to demand that shirt of them through an outside “mandate!” A southerner will fight you to the last thread of cloth to protect what is theirs to give but not governments to take. 


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