Poetry: Hidden Love

Dec 10, 2020 at 10:41 am by mercy_herondale

Hidden Love 

I love her 
She loves me 

But it’s not allowed 
“It’s evil” 
Is what I’m told 
I don’t want to fucking hide it 
I want basic human rights 
That gold band should be around our fingers 
We should have that right 
The right to love who we love 
We shouldn’t have to hide  
We should be able to be open 
No one should feel forced to hide themselves 
I want to lover her 
She wants to love me 
So, fuck your beliefs 
We were born this way 
You’re not going to change us 
Nothing will 
We are proud 
We don’t want to change 
We’re stronger this way 
You may say it’s evil but 
I love her  
She loves me