TVA honors Nissan North America with environmental award

Oct 30, 2019 at 07:00 am by Voice Wire

Nissan given TVA Carbon Reduction Award

Nissan North America has been recognized by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for improving its carbon impact for 2018 and has been awarded the TVA Carbon Reduction Award.  The recognition and award is the result of a multi-year effort by Nissan to meet its energy needs with lower carbon emitting sources.

The award, which TVA started in 2018 to recognize businesses served by local power companies, is given in two categories – Lowest Carbon Emissions and Most Improved Carbon Emissions.

"We are proud to recognize companies, like Nissan, across the Valley that are meeting their energy needs with lower carbon emitting resources or have taken steps over the past year to reduce the carbon associated with their energy consumption," said Dan Pratt, TVA vice president of Customer Delivery.  "This award both honors these companies and encourages others to look at ways they can join us in improving their carbon impact."

Nissan worked closely with TVA and its local distribution partner Middle Tennessee Electric to realize its efforts to reduce emissions and align with TVA's commitment to environmental stewardship and serving the Valley.  

TVA produced more than half of the Valley's energy needs from carbon-free sources for the calendar year 2018. This achievement is nearly a 51 percent reduction in carbon emissions since 2005, almost twice the national average. TVA is currently on track to achieve a 60 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. TVA's current business plan shows this decrease translating into a system rate below 600 CO2 lbs/MWh.

Nissan's data showed that its 2018 CO2 emission rate was lower than the current E-GRID (Year 2017) national and regional averages.


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