Letter to Editor: Murfreesboro Planning Commission unleashes hell on earth

Sep 09, 2019 at 09:44 am by DickSilk

"On Earth as it is in Heaven" doesn't apply to planning in Murfreesboro

"On Earth as it is in Heaven" Per Matthew 5:44, one loves opposition yet has no obligation to love that which one opposes. This is why people love to eat yet prefer to avoid being eaten.

In an anthropomorphic sense, hell may be viewed as Heaven's excrement, which brings us to Wednesday night's Murfreesboro Planning Commission's vote to unleash hell on Earth by approving a plan to build a future inner-city Baltimore in what is part of Rutherford County, by voting first to appropriate county land as city limits, then by approving a zoning change on that land to build an urban ghetto inside a rustic, even historic, rural community.

All that glitters is not gold: the argument presented [this is no inner-city Baltimore; this is a beautiful project] may appear bright and shiny on the surface (now) but so too does a fishing lure right up until the fish swallowing it encounters the hook in its mouth.

Consider Lucifer, once known as the "angel of light," and what became of him. The appearance of "new" quickly wears off.

Cramming 60 homes into an inner-city postage stamp will only lead to nuclear fission as domestic crime and drug rates inevitably escalate. The current zoning map reveals the relative density of homes: roughly 1 home per acre for the larger lots, 1 home on .69 acres across the street (Asbury Lane) and an immediately adjacent property has one home on 5 acres, with a nearby, historic property on a 19+ acre deed with only one home (the McGregor House.)

The city has yet to fix traffic flow- Asbury Lane's hazardously narrow width and critically dangerous curve and (at times) the impossible left (east) turn into town onto Medical Center Parkway.

Essentially, the land owner and site developers are hoping to rake in cash by turning rural beauty into an urban bomb, effectively planting a seed of darkness in an otherwise radiant community.

Even though the Vice Chairwoman Kathy Jones abstained from voting due to familial ties to the project, abstention is NOT the same as protecting the community from carpetbagging.

FEMA's floodway and floodplain regulations make it a federal crime to import dirt into these areas. Proponents of the 10.6-acre site propose to have 51% green space, which means they intend to cram 60 homes on 5.194 acres of land, translating into roughly 11.55 houses per acre, effectively building a human rat colony.

While I do not begrudge the property owner for attempting to capitalize upon natural resources, let us remember that cancer (as well as Shari'a no-go zones) also represents nature gone awry.

Richard Silk, former resident of Asbury Lane, now of Scottland Drive 


Run a query of who owns or owned which land before after these decisions . I can guarantee somebody in the council and somebody apointed are gaming the system as false public servants by collaborating with inside zoning information. Look no further than recent examples of the traffic Judges inherited land that got rezoned to commercial behind everybody's back in that neighborhood with just a post it note instead of a public meeting. Same thing happened with that office complex behind the Ocharlies on Memorial that the mayor built with his construction company after the city employee who owned it hired him to build it. That city employee aquired that property as a residence then magically got it rezoned for a dance studio business ( which flopped shortly after but still kept it's commercial zoning classification). So the winks and nods go like this....I can help you get your house rezoned to commercial with as mayor of the town who shares a mutual agenda with the planning commission director because we are both American home builders association members if you agree to sell it to a certain set of property investors who are also Homebuilders Association mmembers and who use my construction company exclusively to build offices. Bottom line there is a shadow government that's in the back drop of our puppet city council. Its a trade union with a very real agenda for maintaining dominance in local government. It is the American Homebuilders associatiin. They meet every week. I think at the country club not sure though. 15 minutes of every meeting is devoted to maintaining a majority representation in local government specifically the council and the an ingredient commission. It's a cabal of greedy fat business people who metastasizetheir release ate agendas throughout our local government then retire to flourida after they have made their money.
There is most definitely a familial connection between the chairperson of the zoning commission and the project. As I mentioned in the letter, "abstention" is NOT the same as "protection," which is *clearly* lacking.
What a powerful and well-researched letter!!
How do we get these people out of office? Elected officials should be working for the taxpayers and asking for the taxpayers approval on projects and budgets. What other employee can increase their own operating budget without the Boss's approval?
It takes an organized effort, including money, organization, and hard work. It also means finding a good candidate. We don't need six or eight at once. It can be done.
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