Murfreesboro's tax debate spawns first City Council candidate

Jun 18, 2019 at 02:30 pm by Voice Wire

Murfreesboro City Council

At 17 years old, Central Magnet High School student Zach Ouellette announced his candidacy for Murfreesboro City Council.

"It is time for a new perspective on old issues. We have to reign in spending where we don't need it, so we can allocate funds to what we do need, especially education and infrastructure," said Ouellette.

Ouellette grew up in the Murfreesboro City school system and understands the importance of a high-quality education. Being a student and the son of two teachers in Murfreesboro, Ouellette recognizes that there are dire problems in our education system that must be addressed. He knows that high-quality public schools lead to high-paying jobs in Murfreesboro and will stand up for students and teachers.

Ouellette, like thousands of other Murfreesboro residents, is disappointed in the actions of the current city council that wastes money as if they care more about tennis courts than taxpayers. Ouellette will keep our taxes and spending low, which will bring more jobs to our city and set up a brighter future for the generations to come. He understands that fiscal responsibility is the keystone of a successful economy.

Ouellette's campaign will consist of people like him who understand the issues our city faces and how to solve them. On the recent property tax increase, Ouellette is adamant about reducing unnecessary spending to allow a future with lower taxes for the people of Murfreesboro. By spending only on what we need and leaving what we merely want up to the private sector, Ouellette believes that Murfreesboro will see an improved standard of living, all at a lower tax rate.

As an awarded student and member of the student council at Central Magnet High School, Ouellette is familiar with leadership. He is also active in Rutherford County politics.

He has had a wonderful childhood in Murfreesboro and wants to repay the people for the amazing environment they create by spending his adult years as a servant to the people. If he can make the lives of city residents better while keeping the government out of their wallets and lives, only then will he be satisfied with his work.

Ouellette plans to run his campaign with three things in mind that are taught well at Central Magnet: listening, hard work, and perseverance.


This young man's initiative and for thought makes me excited for Murfreesboro. He will definitely get my vote. Now, let's get some young women involved. Come on CMS send us a female graduate.!
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