Creative Movements Brings Fashion Week to Murfreesboro Once Again #MFW

Sep 18, 2018 at 10:00 am by Creative Movements

Murfreesboro Fashion Week

Last year Creative Movements kicked off the biggest fashion show that Murfreesboro has ever seen.

This year, Creative Movements is bringing the inaugural Fashion Week of Middle Tennessee, "Murfreesboro Fashion Week"

Buy an ALL ACCESS PASS to attend ALL three Events.

Murfreesboro Fashion Week will include a Fashion Show on Friday, Sept. 21, Photoshoot Pop-Up on Saturday, Sept. 22, and a Fashion Mixer on Sunday, Sept. 23. 

Expect to see Art, Fashion, Spoken Word, Comedy, Live Music, and Performances at this event.

Creative Movements is the first to to take all of these elements and create an experience or Movement that appreciates all forms of art under one roof.

Creative Movements owner Ashley Buchanan is the Painter Laureate of Murfreesboro. So, when you come to this event be ready to be moved by the beautiful art of fashion and so much more!

To Buy Tickets visit the Creative Movements Facebook Page.